(37) ~ case in la ~

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The best morning you got a call from Gibbs. • there's been a problem in la. You and DiNozzo need to go to the Ncis  in la and help. Hetty will look after you• Gibbs said. • alright. I'll get DiNozzo ready. I'll ring when we're there• you say and Gibbs hangs up. " Tony, wake up" you say and he gets up. " what?" He asks tiredly. " we need to go to la. There's a problem" you explain packing your bags. " huh alright" he says and gets up. You put your jeans, black sweater and ankle boots  on. You kept the necklace on that Tony gave you, your fighter jet necklace and your dog tags. You tucked the dog tags under your sweater. You packed your stuff and put your plain helmet in your bag. You put your sunnies on your head and grabbed your bike keys. " come on Tony" you say and he finishes just as you walk out the door. " chief. Gibbs said we gotta go to Ncis in la. There's a problem" you explain. " I know. He rang earlier explaining. Go and be careful!" He says and you both walk out and to the training area and you put your glasses on properly. " goodbye uncle Keith. There's a emergency at Ncis in la. " you say giving him a hug. " what are you gonna do about your plane?" He asks and you look at it. You take the keys out of your pocket. " where's Lt. Riley?" You ask and he points to where he is. " Riley. I need you to take care of the mockingjay. Me and Tony gotta leave. " you explain and hand him the keys. " will do Lt. Please come visit though" he says and he gives you a hug. You pull your decorated helmet out and you both let go. " good bye Lt. Cya round. Feel free to fly the mockingjay when you want. I want it in one piece when I see it next though" you say and walk over to Tony's car. You place your bag in the boot. " you right to drive?" You ask Tony. " sure am. You right to ride?" He asks and you nod. You give him a kiss and jump on the bike. You put your hair up in the helmet and start the bike. " you go ahead. I'll catch up" you say to Tony and he nods. You put the bike in gear and pull out passing Lt.Riley. He waves as you go past and you rev the engine and speed off. You caught up to Tony and rode next to his car. When it turned into one lane you went behind him. About 4 hours later you arrive in la. Tony continues his way there and you stop at the petrol station to refil. Suddenly your phone buzzes. • meet you at the place. I'll be inside waiting• Tony messaged you. • alright . Just filling up. Want anything?• you reply. • yeah, you and maybe a pack of chips :)• he replies and you smile. • alright. Meet ya there• you message and put your phone away. You grab a pack of chips for Tony and a lemonade for you. You pay for it all and need a quick bathroom break. Like you did at the other servo, you fixed your hair and put some lipstick on. You put the chips and lemonade in the bag on the side of the bike. You climbed on and headed for the building. About an hour later you arrived and put the bike next you Tony's car. You took your helmet off as you walked into the building and took your hair out fixing it. " here she is" you hear Tony say and you hand him the chips. " thanks" he says and sits down eating them. " you must be Mrs DiNozzo" you heard a lady say behind you. You put your glasses on your head. " certainly am" you say smiling. " nice hair. I'm Hetty" she says and puts her hand out. " thanks. I'm (Y/N) DiNozzo." You say and stand next to DiNozzo with your helmet in your hand. " was that you pulling in on the bike?" A man says. " yep" you say smiling. " I'm Sam" he says and you shake his hand. " this is Callen, Deeks and Kensi" he says pointing. " hey. I'm (Y/N)" you say smiling. " I like your hair. " you hear another voice coming from the stairs. " thanks " you say looking up at a short ish lady. " I'm Nell. And this is Eric" she says pointing as a man comes out. " hi" he says waving. " hi" you say. " aright everyone follow me" Hetty says and everyone follows. You and Tony go last. " so, we have called you , ( y/n) and Tony here to help with a case. Nell and Eric will explain it" Hetty says and walks you into a room. " alright. Monday night a security guard got shot down and dragged into a river. " Eric said putting pictures up on a screen. A while later Nell and Eric had finished explaining the case. " alright. Sam, (Y/N) and DiNozzo you go search the security guards house for evidince" Hatty says and you all leave. You grab your helmet on the way out. DiNozzo and Sam went in the car and you rode the bike. You arrived at the mans house and the door was open. Flashbacks started showing in your mind rapidly as you looked at the door. You sat back down on the bike. " you alright?" Sam asks. " yeah. Just some Major flashbacks " you say and pull it together then get up. " I'm here if you need" Tony whispers in your ear. " I always need you" you say and open the door. " federal agents, come out with your hands on your head" you all yell and there was nothing. You put your guns away and look around. " I got fingerprints" you say looking at it. You put your gloves on and pick the painting up. " send them to Eric " Sam says. " alright" you say and take a photo of the fingerprints sending them to Eric. You hear footsteps behind you and you feel someone grab you. " TONY" you yell just as someone covers your mouth. You then feel a blunt side of a blade near your throat. " say another word and I'll kill you" the voice says and holds you tightly. " ( y/n) where are you" he yells worriedly. You kick a rock out into the open and Tony comes out with his gun. " walk another step and I'll slit her throat" the man said holding you tighter. " don't hurt her" he Said. " drop the weapon " he says and Tony slowly put it on the ground. " rule no.9 never go anywhere without a knife" you mouth to Tony. You reach for your pocket and pull out the knife but the blade was a unretracted and you hid it deep in your palm. The man looked behind him and Tony pointed as his thigh. " put the knife here" he mouths and you nod lightly. The man holds you tighter and holds the blade to your neck. " what do you want?" Tony asks. " to know what happend to my brother and who murdered him" the man said nearly yelling. " that's what where trying the work out. Let her go and we will tell you when we find out" Tony says and he slowly let's go. Tony went to take a step forward then he grabbed you harder again. " stay there. I'll be fine" you say. " SHUT UP" he yells in your ear. You squint your eyes now in pain. The man sliced your throat a tiny bit and you growled in pain. " NO DONT HURT HER" Tony yells. " imma make you a deal" he started off then he sliced your arm a little. You where fighting off tears. " I'll let her go. aslong as you don't tell anyone I hurt her" he said and he run the knife side across your leg. He then slit your leg a little. " alright. We won't" he says watching you in horror. " good" he said and put a slice in your check and he let go of you. You fell onto the ground with the knife still in your hand. " oops. She's dyeing" the man says and stands in the doorway. You have a look of determination in your eyes as you look at Tony. " rule no. 9" you whisper and turn around and threw the knife at the man  and it landed in his stomach. The man collapsed onto the ground and you crawled over to him. You took your knife out and wiped the blood on his tshirt then you retracted the blade and put it in your pocket.

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