(36) ~ mechanical help ~

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You where so happy Tony came. He shared your room and did everything with you. Riley and Tony has became good friends and we did most things on the field together. You where put as plane mechanic. Director Vance made you and Tony stay in la for a few more months to help with fixing and flying the planes. " wrench" you say and Tony hands you it. You fix the radiator and then replaces the water in the engine. " my water bottle please. It's stinking hot out here" you say and Tony hands you your bottle. You take a big drink and put the cap on and hand it back. You take the top of your overalls off and tie it to the side. You had a army tshirt on underneath and you continued. " come here" Tony says and he puts a brown cap on your head. " thanks" you say and continue. A few minutes later steam went everyone where and you backed up coughing. " well, there goes the turbine " you say still coughing. " uncle Keith. I need a new turbine" you say and he checks the shed for one. " we don't have any. Gonna have to order one" he says and jumps on the computer to order one. " well that's all we can do on this one" you say leaving the panel open. • one turbine needed • you write on a sticky note and stick it on the engine inside. " next" you say wiping the sweat from your forehead. " that one" Tony says looking at the old looking one. " that needs new paint to" you say walking up to it and tearing off some of the paint. You open the side panel to reveal the engine. " hmm. Ignition , break fluid and water needs fixing" you say rummaging around. You pull the ignition out and replace it in a few hours. " break fluid please" you ask and Tony hands you the bottle. You lean it on the side and drain the left over into a tub. You replace it and put the left over in a empty bottle and put a label on it. " take this to uncle Keith. He will do something with it. Tell him it's been used you" you say handing Tony the bottle of a yucky green substance. He takes it to uncle Keith. " been used?" Your uncle asks and Tony nodded. " alright thanks" Keith says and puts the bottle on the ' used ' shelf. As Tony returns you finish and close the panel. " let's see if this works" you say and climb in. You turn the engine on, it stutters then it turns on fully. You smile proudly and turn it off. " that's it. Now we need to re-paint it" you say looking at it. You run into the storage shed and grab 3 cans of grey fighter jet paint and 2 silver and 2 light grey. " let's have some fun" you say handing Tony a spray can and a mask. You both put the protective mask on and start spray painting. " uncle Keith. Can I add some details to it or not?" You ask your uncle and he looks at it. " go for it. It's gonna be your plane" he says and you smile. You run back over and continue on the grey. An hour later you had finished your side and you started painting a silver bird on the side. " what ya doin?" Tony asks coming up behind you. " a mocking jay" you say continuing. Once you finished you stood back smiling proudly. " woah" you hear behind you. Tony and Riley came up.
" this is my plane " you say. " wait a second. " you say and run off to grab the  silver paint. You climb up onto the wing. You spray it on the bottom making it look like it went from grey to silver. You climbed over to the other side and did the same. You walked down the top and did it on the tail and the other wings. " done. Fully" you say smiling and sitting down on the wings. " what ya gonna call it?" Tony asked. " the mockingjay" you say happily.

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