( 35) ~ big flight ~

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" mockingjay , stormy. Get in that fighter now!" The chief yells. " yes sir" you both say and you jump in the drivers seat. " sure u want me to drive?" You ask. " yep!" Riley says. " alright" you say putting your glasses on and bucking in. " this is the real deal" you say. " sure is" Riley says. You pull the plane out onto the runway and you take off. " now be careful for enemy fighters" Riley says. " will do" you say and look around. " there's one" you yell. " remember. Steady" he says and you nod. You aim the missile at it. " perfect" you say and shoot it. The missile shot out and flew through the air hitting the fighter directly. " boom" you say happily. " there's another 3" you say.  " guys hellppp" you hear on the intercom. " what's up?" You ask. " this guys on my but" the voice says and you look over and see the fighter a fair way behind one of your team fighters.  " don't slow down. When I say mama a sharp right" you order. " alright" they say and you slow down. You fly above the huge fighter and stay back a little. " TURN RIGHT NOW" you yell with the enemy fighter on target the team fighter turns right and you shoot the missile and it blows up the huge fighter. " WOAHO" you yell. " party's over chick. There's another 3 over there" Riley says and you turn around. " they have us on missile lock" you say worriedly. " flick the third switch from the right up the top. That will help with aim" Riley explains. " I know what I'm doing" you say but flick the switch anyways. "There right above us" Riley says looking up. " hello there" you say waving to them and then you stomp on the brakes making the plane slow down and letting that fighter fly ahead of you. " how many missiles we got?" You ask. " three left" Riley informs you. " base to mockingjay, it's all up to you  now" they say and you nod. " mockingjay to base, I'll try my hardest. I got the best co- pilot I think I'll be right" you say and Riley smiles. " base to mockingjay,  I got a message from your boss im gonna put him on speaker. He's on the phone. " the man says ~ Gibbs ~ you think and listen closely. " be careful up there kiddo. Where watching on the screen in MTAC.  Your doing very well just be extremely cautious. We all love you dearly" he says. " I love you all to. I will be careful and I will make it back" you say. " talk later kiddo" Gibbs says and hangs up. " base to mockingjay  you got one on your Wing" they alert and you do a fly up and behind it. " now I'm on there tail" you say smiling and shoot the missile. It flew through the air and made a direct hit. "One down two to go" Riley says and you look around for the others. " guys get this man off me" you hear and see a enemy directly behind a team fighter. You fly up and around. " go faster. If I hit this one your gonna go down with it" you say and the team fighter speeds up. You press the launch button and the missile goes straight into the plane blowing it up. You suddenly hear the guns on a enemy plane coming towards you. " we got company" Riley says looking at the plane. " hang in there" you tell him and you twirl around dodging the bullets. You dived down near the water and then pulled up and did a big left turn. You saw the enemy jet Infront of you And you set missile lock. You pressed launch and The missile goes flying into the fighter blowing it up. " YEAH ALRIGHT!" You yell  happily. " base to mockingjay  , mission accomplished. You may now come down for landing" they say. " mockingjay to base, coming down now. All in one piece. Mockingjay over and out" you say and to anther twirl then land softly. The other team fighters where already landed and they waited for You. Everyone was around cheering as you got down. You reached the ground only get to be picked up And and cheered at. " alright put her down." The chief called and they put you down. " Come up here please Mrs DiNozzo" the man said and you stopped up on the platform. " today you showed great courage in a near death situation. I award you with this medal of bravery and this patch to say you have completed the fighter jet training and are fully qualified to fly. And this necklace to remember the fighter jets" the chief says and puts the medal and the necklace around your neck and he hands you the patch. You let out a great big smile and looked down at the crowd as they started cheering again. " you may go now" the man said to you and you climbed down and Riley came and gave you a big hug. " you did it!" He says happily. " certainly did" you smile, you quickly dashed off to get your laptop from your bag. You came out and held it Infront of everyone. " guys. Come here. When I give the signal you all cheer! " You yell and they all nods and gather around quietly. You call them and they quickly accept the call. " what's wrong?" Tony asks. " oh nothing. Just saved someone's butt that's it" you say. " hey guys" you say looking at them. " 1 2 3" you yell and hold the laptop up and everyone behind you cheers. " haha. You got a lot of friends with you there" Gibbs says. " yeah but it would be better if you guys where here" you say. " well, turn your laptop off and turn around " Tony says. "  um ok? Cya" you say and turn it off. You turn around to see Tony standing behind you. You break down in tears and run up to him giving him a massive hug. " you where amazing! How'd you do that?" He asked holding you tight. " training my whole life" you say And lean your head against his shoulder. " I wanna meet that kid that looks like tom cruise" Tony whispers in your year and you laugh. " my co-pilot?" You ask. " yep" he says and let's you go. You look around for him and you pull Tony along. " Riley. This is Tony. My husband" you say happily and smile. " well down out there, you did a good job" Tony says and Riley shakes his hand. " your lucky to have a girl like (y/n)." Riley says " I know" Tony says. " let's go for one last fly. You and me" you say to Tony. " uhh ok?" He says. " you scared of hights?" You ask. " no, I've just never been in one of them" he admits. " come on. " you say and climb in. Tony soonly follows. You start the engine up. " mockingjay to base, just going for a quick spin with my husband don't mind me" you say and pull out onto the runway. " base to mockingjay , enjoy your flight. No enemy's out. And the Weathers nice" they say and you take off zooming into the air.

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