(34) ~ last day of training ~

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A few weeks later you where all trained up and ready. Your target aim was perfect and you where already popular with the crew members. you had made lots of friends and grew closer to Riley. Seeing you where already happily married he treated you like a sister and you treated him like a brother. You arrived at training and everyone was sitting down. Riley was up the front and he signaled you to come over. You came over and sat with him as training started. " today we are having a astrophysicist
( studies space really.)  visit. She is gonna test how good you are and if your ready" your uncle says and just as he finishes a older looking lady walks though the gap in the middle up to the front. You look at her and think she's up to something. " hello there. I'm mrs smith and I will be testing to see how well you know the sky" she says trying to act smart. You pull the knife out from your pocket and hold it in your hand. " you got a knife?" Riley whispered in your ear and you nodded. " one of my bosses rules is to always have one with you" you whisper back. " first of all who knows how the engine of a jet works?" She asks and everyone points at you. " ohh are you that girl that magically fixed the broken jet? Haha I don't think so" she said laughing and looking at you. " haha well she did." Riley says sticking up for you. " oh really, and how would you know" she said still laughing at you. " because I was her co- pilot and I watched her fix it" he says getting angry now. " you. You fixed the plane. Your brain wouldn't be smart enough to" she said looking at you. You got angry so you looked into her eyes. " say another word and so help me " he snarled and she just laughed. " what will you do? Call your daddy to come get you" she said looking at you. As soon as she said that you stabbed the knife in the table just narrowly missing her finders. You picked the knife back up and walked out in tears. " now look what you've done. Well done" Riley said getting up and following you. You retracted the blade and put it back in your pocket. You ran to your room and closed the door sitting against it still crying. You pulled your phone out and looked at it still crying. You  tried to calm down but couldn't. " I can't do this anymore. I Need you. I can't live without you any longer Tony. It's slowly breaking me. I wish I was with you in your arms. I need you. " you say still crying. You still sat there at your door crying. " you alright?" Riley asks. " no" you say. " wanna talk about it?" He asks. " no" you say still sitting there miserable. You went through the photos of you and Tony and it made you calm down a tiny bit. Riley sat outside the door waiting for you to come out. " where is she?" The whole class comes up. " in there crying" he says. You put your phone away and grab your helmet. " who's coming" you say opening the door and Riley smiles. " him" they all say pointing at Riley. " let's go" he says grabbing his helmet on the way out. " uncle Keith. I'm taking one of the jets for a fly. I'm angry and I need to get my frustration out." You say still in tears.  " it's alright. I understand. Take the one with the blue stripes on it" he says handing you the keys. You put the proper gear on and climb up in the jet. " ready?" Riley asks getting in.  " certainly am" you say and drive the plane out to the run way. " mockingjay to base, is the runway clear? Just going for a quick spin" you ask. " base to mockingjay , base clear and lovely weather ahead of ya. Enjoy" they said and you took off. " feeling better?" Riley asks. " ehh" you say watching the birds fly past. " I wanna hit something" you say sounding desperate. " go for it" he says. You find a big Boulder and you set the aim for it and shoot at it with the gun making it explode. " direct hit" you say happily and put your hand behind you and Riley gives you a high five. A few hours later you landed the plane feeling much better. You climb out and standing there was the lady who picked on you. " how dare you walk out of my class. How dare you nearly stab your knife in my hand! Who do you think you are" she yelled at you and you ignored her. " huh! Listen to me" she yelled and you turned around with the knife in your hand. " See that jet over there. Huh. " you snarl pointing the knife at it. " I FIXED IT" you yelled in her face. You stared into her hazel eyes and walked away. you took your gear off keeping the aviators on. " I don't believe you" she yells back. " DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE!" You yell with the knife still in your hand then with the other hand you slapped her in the face. You retract the blade and put the knife in your pocket ignoring her from then on. You sat in your room and pulled the black nail polish out. You painted it on and put a non chip strong clear coat on. You looked at them and put the nail polish back away in your bag. You sat on the floor still emotionally unstable. You looked at the time and saw it was time for daily video chat. You picked your laptop off the table and sat it Infront of you. Just as you sat it down it bleeped. You accepted the call and saw your most favorite people on the screen. " what's wrong?" Tony asks instantly telling something was wrong. " I'm just a bit emotionally unstable that's all." You say sadly still crying a little. " why?" Gibbs asked. " stupid astrophysics brat screamed at me today. I snapped as soon as she mentioned my father in it and I nearly chopped a few fingers off" you say looking away. " she deserved it " McGee said. " then I took a fighter jet for a quick spin to see if it made me feel better. It kinda did" you added in. " what's it like flying one of them?" Palmer asks. " hard, but it's fun once you get the hang of it. It's kinda like a video game. Got one controller and heaps of buttons" you explain and McGee suddenly looks extremely interested once you mentioned video games. " do any of you know when I get to come home? It's emotionally  braking me not seeing you guys" you say sadly. " soon I hope" Tony says. " once you do this you won't have to go back" Gibbs says and you nods. " I'm getting sent of onto the ship tomorrow. I may not be able to talk to you guys" you say guttered. " we can always ring and just talk" Abby suggested. " yeah, we could. And you guys could take turns on who rings instead of it being one person the whole time" you say and everyone nods in agreement. " good idea." Gibbs says. " bags ringing tomorrow" Tony says and you smile. " well I'm gonna hit the sack. " you say yawning. " AWWW" they all say. " I'm cried out. I think I won't have tears for a month" you say and put the laptop on the bedside table. " aww goodnight. Love you!" They all say. " love you guys!" You say and they end the call. You close your laptop and fall asleep.

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