Chapter one

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Chapter one-

You was an average human being, You were good at making friends but not good at keeping them you weren't mean to them or anything you just didn't hang out with them. You were the the 3rd child out of 8 children and you were 20 years old you had moved out of home and had a steady job and went to university but you weren't that happy you just had a good life. But unfortunately you just had to go on a hike today and you just had to walk through the stream of water that just so happened to lead to a hole, and you just had to slip on a wet rock and fall down the hole. So here you were on a bed of garbage only now just waking up after a fell hours.

'Oh my god _____ get up you have to find out where you are!!'

You opened you're eyes at the words of the author. You looked around and saw garbage everywhere. You got up slowly and got down from the pile of garbage and stepped into what seemed like sallow water which it was thank god. You walked to where you thought was a way out which from you're view was left. You walked until you saw what looked like a door frame. You stopped as you saw what looked like a yellow lizard woman in a lap coat and I tall fish lady with a ponytail.

'_____ go oh ask them where you are they may be able to help you!'

You scratched you're arm questioning whether or not to bother them. "U-um I-I don't mean to bother you but could you tell me where I am?" They stop what they were doing and stare at you. The short yellow lizard lady blushes madly and the tall fish woman shoots spear like glares at you before she speaks. "Your in the underground aka the Kingdom of Monsters!" You're eyes widen. "O-oh . . . Thank you." They stare and you and look at each other then back to you. "Your a Human Right?" You nod and look down for a second then back to them. "It's ok we're not going to kill you or anything we actually have a friend who's human. They fell down last year but there cool." The lizard girl decides to say something this time. "S-so um w-what's your name?" She smiles softly and you reply. "M-my names _____ what's yours?" The fish woman smiles at you as well. "Well _____ it's nice to meet you my names Undyne and this is Alphys'!" You smile at them. "It's nice to meet you to Undyne and Alphys." They smile back at you and Alphys expression changes from happy to shocked. "O-oh my ____ your bleeding! Are you okay?" You look down and see that there's a giant gash in you're leg that's bleeding quite badly. "I-i don't know but I'll be fine." Alphys shakes her head and grabs your arm and drags her towards the exit. "W-where are we going?" She doesn't say anything and keeps walking.

After awhile it's starts to get hot. "Alphys I'll meet you later I've gotta go meet Papyrus for his cooking lesson!" She stops and waves to her. "O-okay see you later." Alphys continues to walk while dragging you're hand. And you question who this Papyrus is could he be their human friend!? All of a sudden you see a sign that says Welcome to . . . Hotland. "Hotland!?" Alphys giggles a little. "Yeah our King isn't very good at coming up with names." You giggle as well. "Oh ok." You come to a narrow walk way and you can see what looks like a stall of some what and there's snow on it? You get closer and you can see someone wearing a blue hoodie. "O-oh Sans, Sans great to see you I need you help!" The person seemed startled. "O-oh whats wrong Alphys-" he stops as he looks at you. You can get a good look at him now he's a skeleton a rather cubby skeleton which is weird but he's a monster so never mind that. "Is she a human?" He looks you up and down. "Yes I'm a human my names _______ nice to meet you!" You hold out you're hand so he could shake it, he dose. "The names Sans, Sans the skeleton!" You smile and he grins at you. "Nice to meet you Sans!" Alphys crosses her arms but on the inside she's like 'OMG I SHIP IT!!' She sighs and grabs you're hand once more. "Okay come on I need your help Sans." He sighs and gets up and follows after you and Alphys. After a while you see a tall white building that says Lab on it. You tilt you're head slightly.

'Seriously _______ she's wearing a lap coat she must be a scientist or something!'

Alphys comes to the doors and opens it up with her key. She drags you in and Sans trails in closely behind. "Alright so what do you need my help with Alphys?" She give him a look that says really? "Can you not see the giant gash on her leg that's bleeding!" His eyes widen and he looks away. "Heh sorry I wasn't paying attention!"

'Pssst yes he was he was staring at you're ass!"

Alphys sighs. "Wait here I'm gonna get the first aid kid I'll be back!" You smile at her. "Okay take your time I'm alright at the moment!" Alphys quickly runs into a small room. "Well she didn't really tell me what she needed my help with." You giggle a little. "Whats so funny ____?" You giggle again. "It's nothing really." He grins at her. "Oh come on you can tell me!" You smile. "It's your name?" He stops grinning and stares at you. "What's wrong with my name!?" You smile once again. "Oh nothing's wrong with it, its a cool name and all its just on the surface well it could also be down here as well but I've only been down here for like half an hour that I know of. But on the computers it's a font!" He smiles at you. "Well it's also a font down here." You giggle once again. "So are you a Comic Sans!?" He laughs. "Heh good one!"

'Ha good one ______!'

All of a sudden Alphys comes back with the first aid kit. "Alright I got it." Sans grins at Alphys. "So what did you need my help with!?" She pushes you to the floor and gets some liquid which can't see the bottle cause yeah. "Sans I need you to hold her down while I put some mentholated sprits on her gash! ____ It'll only hurt for a moment!" You nod. And  Sans pushes you're shoulders down firmly you blush and so does he but no one notices but the author. Alphys applies the mentholated sprits. As you clench you're eyes shut and grasp onto Sans' hoodie with you're left hand and you wriggle under Sans' grip. You stops as the pain fades and Alphys grabs a bandage and wraps you're wound. "Okay Sans you let go now!" He lets go of you and stands up. "Thanks for helping me Alphys and Sans." You smile and both Sans and Alphys smile back. "T-that's ok it was nothing." Sans looks away a moment and mumbles something to himself while blushing.

'Pssst i don't even know what he said it's like he said it so I couldn't hear it!'

"So I'm guessing that you'd want to leave right?" You look at Sans with a questioning look. "You mean go back to the surface?" Both Alphys and Sans nod. "Not really its not like I have anything worth going back to!" Alphys gives you a hug and you hug her back. "Well that's good seeing as you can't leave anyway. Cause where all trapped down here!" You look up at Sans. "Wow you poor things I'm guessing humans did this!?" He nods. "Ah . . . Sorry . . .!" He looks at you with a gentle expression. "It's not your fault." You look down sadly. "I know but still." Alphys lets go of you and stands up and helps you up. "So by the way do you happen to have anything in the backpack of yours?" You look at you're backpack. "Oh heh I forgot I had that. Um yeah there's a few things in here." Alphys smiles at her. "Like what if you don't mind me asking?" You take you're bag off and open it. "Hmm lets see I've got a hoodie incase I got cold on my hike which is how I got here but yeah. Ah my phone and . . . Oh I've got manga and some other random things." Alphys looks at your phone. "Could I see your phone?" You nod. "Ok hang on I'll modify it so we can call you seeing as you'll be stuck down here with us." You giggle. "Ok but why do you say it like its a bad thing? You guys seem cool." Sans smirks. "You should meet my brother he's pretty cool." You smile at him. "Sure what's your brothers name?" He gives you a closed eyed smile. "Papyrus!" It clicked that was the name Undyne mentioned. "Ok ____ I've updated your phone there are a few apps that I installed for you and I've signed you up to the Undergrounds networking system!" Alphys smiles and you smile back. "Thank you Alphys your awesome!" Alphys blushes from the complement. "I-it's no problem." Sans stares at the to of you awkwardly. "Anyway I'm going to Grillbyz!" Alphys grabs his hoodie and he stares at her angrily but you could tell in his head he was like 'Bitch you did not just touch my hoodie how dare you!' She smiles. "We've gotta introduce _____ to Asgore, Toriel and that!" He sighs. "Fine but I don't see why I've gotta be here." She glares at him. "Just call Papyrus and the others and tell them to get here while I find ______ something the wear seeing as her pants are ripped and so is her shirt!" You look down and blush. " . . . Oh they are to . . . Huh so that's why it was kinda chilly."

'Don't worry it wasn't revealing . . . Much.'

Alphys drags you to the small room that just so happen to be an elevator. Alphys presses a button and the elevator moves and stops and as the door open and you can see . . .


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