Frequently Asked Questions

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updated : 09/02/17

The following are FAQ and their answers. They are sorted with headings for your convenience. If you have further queries feel free to comment them down below and I will try my best to answer them.

▬▬ G E N E R A L ▬▬ 

Q: Are you affiliated with Wattpad?

A: No, everything on this profile was made by yours truly, and I'm pretty sure Wattpad is not aware of this profile's existence. 

Q: Do short stories qualify / Is there a limit to how many chapters we have?

A:  Yes, short stories qualify. There isn't a limit but for WIA Monthly it is recommended that you have at least a few (4+) chapters for us to read and review on. For WrittenInAction itself, no.

Q: Do fanfictions count?

A: Yes! I don't think I can stress this enough, but fanfictions count as long as the main focus is Fantasy, Action, Adventure or Sci-Fi. 

Q: Is the sticker necessary?

A: No, the sticker is simply an extra feature that you can add to your book. 

Q: Is the tag necessary?

A: If you want to be featured in our reading list, it is. But you can always just be a stand-alone book.

Q: Why does it take so long for you to add my book to your reading list?

A: Since the tag has started becoming much more occupied with stories, it has become harder to really dig in and find books that have not been added and that may be one of the reasons why. We really do try and find as many new books as possible to add, but if you'd like us to find them faster, PRIVATE MESSAGING works really well!

Q: Can you read my story?

A: Many times we do not have the time to read everyone's story that is added into WIA. However, many other people have the chance to read it if you join WIA. There are some times when we take the time to read your book though. (WIA Monthly)

Q: Are there procedures to follow after I add the sticker and tag?

A: Not exactly. After you add the tag and sticker, you have officially joined WIA. There is nothing that is necessary to do afterwards. You can choose to support other people of WIA by reading their stories, but it is all optional.

Q: Can I create my own campaign?

A: Yes! Feel free to make a profile about whatever you'd like. Please do not copy the name or anything, though.

▬▬ G E N R E S ▬▬

Q: I was wondering if I might qualify for Written In Action, my novel is more like an Action/Sci-Fi/Adventure/Fantasy-Romance.

A: WrittenInAction is a genre based movement so any aspects of the genre qualifies.

However, for WIA genre-based readers purposes, if the story focuses more on the romance aspect rather than it being a side genre - there is a likely chance that we will not feature it in WIA Monthly. We feature stories that we deem to reflect the specific genres well. This simply means we are looking for a balance between genres that do not fit into WIA and ones that do. Albeit the imbalance, we will still keep it in our reading list(s).

As long as your story has an equal balance and fit into the genres, they will be eligible for WIA.

Q: I've noticed that Werewolf stories are considered a different genre on Wattpad. Is that the same for WIA?

A: Generally we accept Werewolf stories, because they are kind of considered Fantasy. It really depends. If you have further questions, please send us a message.

Q: Will you be adding new genres to your list?

A: No. To be fair, I think that these genres are a lot to take on by themselves, and I can't see any other genre being added.

▬▬ L A N G U A G E  ▬▬

Q: How can I manage a language account for WIA?

A: In order to become a language account for WIA, you must fill out a form on the website and select 'Foreign Language.' We will get back to you in a few days. 

Q: How do you manage the other language accounts?

A: Quite honestly, I don't. Since I can't speak their language, I have no idea what they're saying or creating with this campaign. However, I really enjoy the fact that some of them are using it to create their own ideas and they're not spreading negativity. If they ever did something of the sort, please let me know so that I can remove them from my affiliations.

▬▬ A D M I N S ▬▬ 

Q: Can I be an admin?

A: Admin forms can be found on the WrittenInAction website, which I have put in the external link. If you cannot find it, it is also in the bio of all WIA profiles. 

▬▬ W I A   M O N T H L Y ▬▬

Q: When will you update WIA Monthly?

A: If you didn't know, WIA Monthly is a promotion book (of sorts) where we pick an undiscovered book and review it every month. The purpose is to help promote books that are well written but do not get the recognition it deserves.

The reason why we are always so late in writing reviews is because we have to go through each and every book that are submitted, and often times it takes a while to read / review. The set date is usually the end of the month, but currently WIA Monthly is on hold so that we can catch up on reading the books, so we will not be updating any time soon.

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