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rendall | 17 days
@hayesbabygirl: justin's music keeps me going. i love you so much, daddy. @justinbieber

rendall | 17 days
@hayesbabygirl: but, then again so does hayes grier aka my other daddy.

rendall | 17 days
@hayesbabygirl: music is the key to success.

rendall | 17 days
@hayesbabygirl: why doesn't hayes love me?


@lovinghayes: @hayesbabygirl does hayes follow you?

rendall | 17 days
@hayesbabygirl: @lovinghayes no lmao but i wish he did so he could slide in my dms and hit me up.

@hayesgrier follows you!

@hayesgrier dm'ed you!

[direct message from hayesgrier]

hayes grier: hey babygirl.

rendall | 17 days: no fucking way.

rendall | 17 days: be right back while i go ball my eyes out.

rendall | 17 days: my mans is texting me bLESS

hayes grier: lmao.

hayes grier: but, don't cry babes! (:

rendall | 17 days: how can i not when you're basically dming me?
[seen at 9:20pm]

rendall | 17 days: woo! love being left on seen by my favorite person ever. how awesome is that!

rendall | 17 days: knew this was to good to be true. damn lmao. wow i'm so dumb.

some of the chapters may be short and some others may be long. updating probably twice a day idk yet but hopefully y'all like this. also, i know this book is pretty unoriginal but i have multiple of these kinds in my library and i haven't seen any of hayes, so i decided why not do one of him. anyways, sorry for any errors! x

peace n luv. - jen

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