Zion's Pov

I was laying in my bed at my new apartment here in Nashville, TN. I got home around 4 in the morning and it's only 10 in the morning now. I looked over and saw my baby boy Fifi, still sleeping. He's my Teacup Pomeranian, I bought myself for my 21th birthday. He's the love of my life. He's only 3 years old and all white, with 2 black legs on him. He's my baby. I got out of bed and walked into my small kitchen. I've been on the road for the last 10 months, and let me tell you what, I love my job. I love singing and dancing, but I did miss my old life. 

If you don't know my that is fine. I'm Zion Walker. I'm a new artist in the country world. I've been singing for the last 6 years, but I've only made it big in the last 4 years. I've opened up for a lot of people. I was the open act for Dolly Parton for 7 weeks, then I did it again for Leann Rimes for 10 weeks. I sing old songs to new to a little rock and roll. I love it. This past year I was with Miranda Lambert, Sara Evans, Reba and Loretta Lynn. We all did a concert to raise money for cancer. That is something closer to me. 

I was making some food for me and Fifi when my cell went off. I looked at it and it was Ruth Johnson. She is my manager in this wild business, so I answered it. 

" Hello." I said to her, when I opened my cell. 

" Morning babe, How are you? Are you good. Good. Listen I need you to come in at Big Machine Records at 1 okay Love?" Ruth told me. Why I mean I'm with EMI from London. This makes no sense whatsoever. 

 " Ruth why?" I asked her. I walked back into my room and saw Fifi was up already. I picked him up and gave him a kiss and put him down so he can use the kitty box. Yes I have my dog to go in a kitty box. I mean come on he's only 3.5 inches tall. He's a tiny little thing, but mommy does love her baby

" Well, you might be opening up to someone who know's what they are doing?" Ruth told me. I rolled my eyes at her. Who is better then Dolly Parton, Reba, Loretta Lynn, Sam Hunt. I mean come on they are huge singers, if you ask me. 

" Can I ask who it is going to be?" I asked her.

" And for the second time, I was just gone for 10 months. Can't I have a new days to do nothing?" I asked her. I was in the kitchen giving Fifi his meds. Fifi had a cold, so I want to make sure he is fine, he is my baby boy. 

" Honey, this is the business. We need you to do this? Come on I need you here by 1 do you hear me young lady?" Ruth told me. 

" Fine. See you soon." I said hanging up my cell phone. I looked down at Fifi who was looking up at me. I sat on the floor with him. 

" I'm sorry baby. Mommy might be going away again." I told him. My neighbor, Mrs. Leroy, takes care of him and when I get a chance I pick him up and he might stay with me for the last week or so. Fifi licked my face. 

" Well, babba let's get ready for this meeting." I told him. He jumped out of my arms and ran to the bedroom. 

After I took a shower, and got one of my new sun dresses on and pair of 3 inches heels on. I mean come on I'm only 5'1, so I need a little help. I walked out of my bedroom and Fifi wanted to come with me. 

" I'm sorry baby but you have to stay here and keep the house safe for me. Can you do that honey." I asked him. Fifi barked and ran in the livingroom on his little bed. 

" That's mommy's good boy." I said to him. I walked out of my apartment and saw Megan and her 2 small kids. I met Megan when I moved in here. She's only 25 and is raising her 2 kids, Tommy who is 7 and Claire who is 2 all by herself. The kids dad left her and ran off when Claire was only 4 months old. I look at Megan and I see a brave woman, that no one is going to stop in this world. 

The kids ran over to me. I gave them each a big hug. I think they liking knowing someone who is some what a singer. 

" When did you get back?" Tommy asked me. I looked at him. 

" Last night? Listen I have to go, but are you and Claire Bare business tonight?" I asked Tommy. 

" Mommy are we?" Tommy asked his mom Megna. Megan walked over to us. She's a tall woman at 5'6, big green eyes and long pretty brown hair. 

" No, I don't think so?" Megan told me. We gave each other a hug. I love talking to her. She might be my only friend I have here. I watch her kids when she was working nights at the bar. 

" Good. My place at 7 for dinner. I don't know what we are having yet, but it's a date." I said to them. Megan looks at me.

" What should I bring?" She asked me. 

" Your clothes. You and the kids are staying over tonight? I need to talk to you okay honey" I told her. 

" Okay ZIon. See you later?" Megan said to me. I ran away. 

" Bye Love you all." I said. I heard them saying they love me as well. I got in my little blue bug that I have. I love this old car. It's not that old, I mean my mom bought it in 2003 and it was only 7 months old then. But when she-- I just got the car. I love it because it was her's. 

After I drove to Big Machine Records and ran inside. I saw Ruth talking to someone. I walked over to her. 

" Sorry if I'm a little early?" I said to her. Ruth looked down at me. 

" It's fine honey, this is Mac. He runs this place and well, he does a lot, that's all you need to know?" Ruth told me. I shook his hands. 

" Hello, nice to meet you sir." I said to him. 

" Nice to meet you Miss Walker." Mac said to me. I gave him a small smile. 

" Well, why don't we go back to my office. We still have 20 minutes before we need to get started." Mac tells us. I walk with Mac and Ruth to the office. Once we get inside I sit down on the small couch he has. 

" So, Zion. May I call you that ma'am." Mac tells me. I look at him and gave him a smile. 

" Yes you may?" I tell the man who looks like he might be in his early 40's. 

" Great, so Zion, I've been seeing that you have opened for a lot of my artist in the past few years. I mean the world seems to like you a lot. I mean Loretta Lynn and Reba said that they want you full time with them." Mac tells me. That is great. I do love my job.  

" Well, thank you sir. I do love my job. I love singing all of the old songs and making up dance's for all of them." I told him. 

" Well, that's great I have someone I want you to opened up with. 12 months, 195 show's, here in America, London, China, Ireland, Japan, Sydney, Canada, Paris, and Africa. That's not all of them. Plus doing talk shows, like Wendy Williams, The View, The Chew I have all of this sent up. All I need you to do is say yes." Mac tells me. I look at him and then I look at Ruth. I have been gone for 10 months. I want to do nothing for a while and---?

" Wait who am I going to opened for?" I asked them. Mac and Ruth look at each other then back at me. The door opened behine me and when I looked..

" Brantley Gilbert." Mac and Ruth both said at the same time. 









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