Chapter One Hundred One

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It was never an easy job working at the sanctuary, Charlie and Anora could attest to that, between injuries and non stop dragon training, by the end of the day the two were normally exhausted and passed out where they stopped to sit for a moment.

The next week would be one of the most challenging yet for the two, besides the one time with the poachers. Charlie had been the one to discover that Squabbs Syndrome was making it's round in the sanctuary.

The first victim?


Charlie had noticed the constant sneezing and the lack of fire the dragon was producing which were the sure signs of the disease.

While it was treatable, it was highly contagious and before Charlie could even think of quarantining the dragon, Roscoe showed the same symptoms, and then several others.

"Merlin, give me strength." Anora huffed as she lifted a large crate of rum. "We can't catch a break around here lately. If it's not a dragon eating another, it's all of them getting sick."

The crate of rum was part of the treatment for the dragons, they were to be kept warm and served a mixture of chilli,pepper and rum at least four times a day. With numerous dragons in the sanctuary sick, all hands were needed to provide to each dragon.

Anora and Charlie were busy with a cranky Roscoe who seemed to know very well who had gotten him sick as he kept lashing his tail at Norberta.

Anora couldn't help but notice how much Roscoe reminded her of Charlie when he had been sick. They whined and groaned, lying around, absolutely miserable. Whereas Norberta, didn't want to stay down, she wanted to move, she wanted to do things, but every movement brought on a powerful sneeze.

"Don't think I've ever seen so much rum in my life." Charlie said.

"Um yes you have, don't you remember your Uncle Bilius?" Anora laughed. "Because I sure do."

"His choice drink was firewhiskey." Charlie reminded her.

"I'm well aware but when he couldn't get his hands on it, what was his second choice?"

Charlie looked down to the crate. "Point made, but still, he didn't drink that much."

"You're right, and I have black hair and Norberta here is a hamster.."

"Okay, Anora." Charlie said with a smirk.

"Roscoe is part-"

"I got it!"

Anora went to say something else when they were interrupted by Magnus running over to them.

"Glad I found you two. We have encountered yet another sick dragon unfortunately."

"Ugh." Anora plopped down on the crate. "Please don't tell me it's Birdie. I've been figuring it would be just our luck if she got sick-"

"Well, here's the good news," Magnus began, " it's not Birdie."

"And the bad news?" Charlie asked.

Magnus gave them a small smile.

"'s Sultan isn't it?" Charlie pulled at his hair.

"Bingo." Magnus clapped his hands together.

"Nose goes!" Anora said touching her nose quickly.

Magnus was quick to touch his as well leaving Charlie.

"I have no idea what just happened?" Charlie said looking back and forth between them.

"Congrats, Charlie. You have been self nominated to go treat Sultan." Magnus told him.

"I didn't understand the game!" Charlie exclaimed.

Anora laughed as she stood up from the crate. "Come on, Charles. I'm not letting you go there alone." she said. "Anyone handling that dragon alone...well it's just suicidal."

"You know sometimes I feel like we're the only workers around here." Charlie huffed as they began to near Sultan's territory.

"That's not true, but we're probably the only ones that could probably survive approaching Sultan. Or at least enter the territory without pissing ourselves."

"You mean you haven't yet?" Charlie replied jokingly looking down to his pants.

Anora giggled but as soon as they saw the claw marked trees, all humor disappeared.

"Here I thought Roscoe and you were cranky while you were sick...Sultan's the ultimate cranky pants."

"Yeah I...wait you think I'm cranky when I'm sick?"

"Think? No, I know you're cranky when you're sick. I'm the one who took care of you remember."

"I am not cranky I was just a little-"

They heard a loud sneeze and angry growl.

"Now that..." Charlie said, " sounds like you when you're sick."

"Shut up." Anora said pushing him gently.

Following the sound of the thunderous sneezes, Anora couldn't help but laugh again.

"I can't imagine anything funny right now."

"I dunno, I was just thinking that Sultan sneezing reminds me of Hagrid's sneezing."

" does."

They found Sultan lying on the ground, on his side, surprisingly his eyes were closed.

However, as soon as he heard the two approach, he lifted his head up and was upright. He went to try and shower them with flames, but Squabbs had gotten the best of him.

"He's so less scary without fire." Anora whispered to Charlie.

They had to dodge a tail strike. "Not really!"

They hid behind a boulder as Sultan paced around snorting loudly, trying to assert his dominance.

"Sultan quit being a prick!" Anora told the dragon. "We're here to help you not challenge you to duel. Dumbarse."

"Oh good, that's great Anora. Let's just insult the dragon."

"Last time I checked, Sultan wasn't fluent in English!"

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