Harry groaned as he entered the potions classroom. Snape was standing there, ready to give him hell. Harry went to his cauldron and set his things down next to Ron's.

"Ready for another hour of torture?" He asked. Harry chuckled and sat. Once the rest of the class filed in, Snape stood from his desk and wandered around, giving instructions.

"Turn to page 254. You will be mixing a potion that is used for the healing of poisonous animal bites. You may start gathering ingredients." Snape went back to the front of the room ,and was delighted to see Harry digging through his bag, his face red.

"Forget something, Potter?" Snape asked with a smirk.

"Ah, yes I forgot my book, but I'll just look on with Ron-"

"Detention!" Snape said happily.

"But sir-"

"Come directly to my classroom after school."


"Do you want also want ten points from Gryffindor, Potter?"

"No sir."

"Now, get to work!"


Harry sighed as he knocked on the door to the potions classroom.

"Enter." Called Snape. Harry rolled his eyes and pushed open the door. Snape was sitting behind his desk, working on grading papers or something.

"I hope you brought your book this time." Snape said, not looking up at him.

"I did, sir." Harry said, setting his bag down at his cauldron.

"Open it to page 408 and begin working on the potion. I was asked to make some by Albus for a little... incident that happened."

"Memory Release?" Harry asked.

"It's the memory version of the truth serum. It creates a bond between the two drinkers and the stronger can see the weaker's memories."

"All of them?"

"Yes, all of them. now go and gather your ingredients and stop wasting time, Potter. All your questions are giving me a headache."

Harry set to work. An hour later he was carefully adding the final ingredient, when the door was slammed open by Draco. Snape jumped out of his seat as Harry dropped too much of the ingredient into the potion. Draco ran out of the room as Snape yelled.

"Harry get away from the cauldron!!"

But the warning came too late. The cauldron exploded, coating Snape and Harry in Memory Release. Harry was hit by a large chuck of metal, and was knocked unconscious.

Snape, however, was fully awake when the potions effects started to take.

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