Chapter 9

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"I killed you!" I say getting more and more wairy by the minute.

"No, you didn't, you may think that your shooting skills are accurate everytime but not this time. Yes I had to get a heart transplant but it was worth the agonising treatment. After all, I practically raised from the dead." Richmand says smirking

I creep to the back of my cage and grasp the bars behind me to stop myself shaking. I can feel a fresh layer of thin sweat coating my forehead so try to wipe it off with the back of my hand.

"You know, I'm dissappointed in you darlin, I thought you would be clever and stay 'low' for a few years but clearly not. Your mother would be ashamed to call you her daughter, not that she wasn't already." 

"What did you do to her?" I ask, not bothering to shout anymore.

"Me? I didn't do anything....well I may of broke a few of her precious bones but not anything fatal, I wasn't allowed to do any real damage. I don't know why you love her all of a sudden, I think once you remember what she did to you then you'll be having second thoughts on who's side your on." he says clearly enjoying being on the other end of the stick. My end.

"Your not my father. Not really. So who the hell are you!?" I croak out from my dried up lips.

"Well you got that wrong. I am your biological father as much as I hate to admit it."

"Your not the man from the photo. He was...."

"Happy? got my photo then. That was a key part in finding you. I left the photo for you so that you would be left with questions and want to find the answers. A great plan really." He says triumphantly

"I didn't even take the photograph into account until I saw my mother here. When she was getting...getting tortured and screaming at me." I say trying to push the on coming memory to the back of my mind.

"Oh, nevermind then I guess you coming here was pure luck on my behalf, I'll still get to seek revenge on you ruining the family and fatally injuring me though."

"I don't recall the King ever mentioning me nearly dying in the bloody deal."  he says under his breath.

"Well I wish you were dead, I wish that my gun had fired right through your heart." I declare

Wait. He said I ruined the family.  I have a real family?

"What family?"

"Ha! Let me tell you about the beloved family." he sneers cruely.

"When your sister, Bailey was born, Meggie stopped talking to me, she blamed me for Bailey being born, said it was my fault that she had to carry her around for months on end. Of couse it was her fault too so I wasn't going to sit back and let her blame me for everthing. So she would hit me and I would slap her back until we both got tired of eachother and turned Bailey into our punch-bag." He laughs making me wince.

My sister. She deserved way better than Richmand and Meggie. We both do. At least I escaped when I could. Deep down I hope she did too or maybe she's like our parents who I longed for, every second of my f**k**g life but turns out my worst nightmare.

"I mean she deserved it the little rat. Anyway, then she became pregnant again. Wanted an abortion but back then it cost hundreds to have a baby killed...."

I want to cover my ears. Want to block out what he says next but I have to hear what happened. No more questions. Only the truth no matter how awful it may be.

He continues, ".... I wasn't going to waste my money on that. I told her to use her own money, of course she didn't have any so she drank the baby out of her system. Well of course she never realised that she hadn't killed the baby properly until she went into labour and gave birth to it. Your the bloody baby. Whissy as she nicknamed you. Whissy for Whiskey. The whiskey drunk baby. 

My head starts spinning. No wonder I'm the most wanted girl in the country. My mother is the reason I've killed on countless occasions. She bathed me in alcohol before I was even born. She tried to kill me. 

"Is the truth hard to bare? Awwwww look who has no one to comfort her, no one to love her. What a bloody shame. I guess you'll live, I mean you seemed to survive Meggie's attempts to end your sad pathetic life." Richmand sneers

I just scrunch up in a ball on the floor and hug my knees to my chest. Never have I felt so alone, so helpless. I start crying. Silently to myself. Blocking Richmand's taunts, his insults, his cruel, dark voice. A voice you would never believe to have so much hatred and abuse behind it. The voice of my father. The voice that abused Bailey and me. 


I huddle behind the sofa where no one can find me. My hiding place. My secret hiding place that not even daddy knows about. He always knows what I do, even things I don't do he knows I've done bad things. 

"WHISSY!" Mummy calls

I crawl deeper into the darkness. Teddy will protect me. I tighten my grip around Teddy's paw to make sure he doesn't slip from my grip.

"WHISSY! COME HERE NOW!!" Mummy screams from out in the corridor.

Daddy saw me steal a crisp from the bowl when he had friends over. It was only one. I was so hungry. I couldn't stand missing another meal.

My tummy rumbles loudly making mummy pop her head round the living room door.

"Whissy come out now! I can see you!" mummy says suddenly changing into a happy voice.

"MEGGIE! The camera is ready! HURRY UP!!" Daddy screams as I shuffle from my hiding place.

Mummy charges at me and grabs my arm making me whimper.


A tear dribbles down my face and lands on her finger.

"GET UNDER THE STAIRS, YOU F**K**G CHILD!!!" she screams as she throws me on the floor. 

I run as fast as I can to the cupboard under the stairs and lock myself in. I lost Teddy. My only friend. 

Daddy's voice creeps under the door.

"Where's Whissy?"

"That bloody child is under the f**K**g  stairs. We're not having her in the photo." Mummy says

"Great! Lets go........BAILEY!!!"

"Yes father?" Bailey says shakily

"Get outside now." he shouts harshly

The footsteps trudge into the distance leaving me alone with the voice of scary daddy lurking around me in the shadows. 

END OF FLASHBACK**************************************************

I try to stop remembering but all my childhood nightmares are coming to life. And they won't stop coming until my family starts ending.


Sorry for the weird chapter this time but the next update will start getting better! :) :) :) I hope haha

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