A Long Wait. Part 6

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It was another week before I could stay awake for any length of time without pain being the only thing I could or would be thinking about. Another week where I still haven't seen my parents or any one else from my family. I was getting sadder every day wondering what had happened to them.

"Aunty, are my parents alive?" I asked her in a quiet voice with tears in my eyes.

"Of course they are, lovey." She was saying in a soothing voice. "They are just a bit busy sorting everything out since all this happened."

"Mack told me some things that had happened like his parents getting arrested." I was saying to her hoping that she would tell me anything hoping that it wasn't true.

"Yes, they were." She was saying. "But his mother was released without charge since it was proved she wasn't involved."
"But what about his father?" I asked her looking at her as best I could.

"His father has been charged due to his involvement." Aunty said." Which he admitted to along with Rachelle's father."

When she mentioned him, I began to shake in fear, which my aunt noticed.

"Here, here. There's no need to be scared now Lovey." She was saying as she leaned over to soothe me, wiping away a tear that had fell from my eyes.

"He won't be hurting anyone else again." She quietly said. Which was a surprise to me. I just didn't want him anywhere near me anymore, never again.

"Why?" I asked her trying to see what she was thinking by looking at her.

But before she could say anything, the door to my room opened all of a sudden, which frightened me causing me to jerk which caused a bit of pain to run through my whole body.

Closing my eyes and breathing deeply, I was able to breath through the pain until it was bearable enough to open my eyes and look around me to the men who had come into my room with the doctor.

"Jennelle, these are two detectives that have come to talk to you for a few minutes." Dr Peters was saying. " Are you up to speaking with them?"

I looked at my aunt who just held my hand and smiled at me giving me a little nod.

"We're going to have to ask everyone else to leave the room while we question Jennelle." One of the detectives said which caused me to begin to shake in fear. I didn't want to be alone with any one, especially if they was a man. The thought terrified me.

Gripping my aunts hand as tight as I could, I just began to shake my head at them.

"My patient has made her wishes known, Detectives." Dr Peters said in his no nonsense tone. "Her aunt and myself will be staying." He added which made me calm down straight away.

"All right. Just so you know that for legal purposes, this interview will be recorded. Is that understood?" He was saying as he took a device out of a small briefcase he had with him.

After everyone got themselves comfortable, he started by saying who was in the room with us. He showed in the little camera he had that he was taking photo's of each of us. Then he started talking.

"The time is 9:45 am and I am asking Jennelle if she can remember all the events of the day that all this happened? The day where your uncle attacked you?" He was asking.

I didn't know what to call him, but since he was bald, I'll call him Baldy. The other detective had a very big mustache , so I'll think of him as Moose.

It was Baldy who asked me that first question.

"Do you understand what I asked Jennelle?" Baldy asked.

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