(33) ~ first training ~

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You wake up to a knock on the door. " yo (Y/N). Wake up trainings in 5" you heard a familiar voice. You pocked your head out the door. " do I wear anything or is there a uniform?" You ask and Riley turns around. " the jeans and the tshirt you where given and any jumper" he replied back. " ok thanks. Be out in a sec" you say and close the door locking it again. You out the jeans and tshirt on. You grab your Ncis jumper out of the bag and throw it over. Then you replaced your healed ankle boots for a pair of black converse. " I got something here for ya" Riley called and you opened the door and he handed you a small box. You opened it. " my dog tags" you say and put them on and you threw the box on the bed. " let's go" Riley says and leads you out to the group. " you work at ncis?" He asked admiring your jumper. " yep. That's where I met my husband" you say proudly. " husband?" He asks and you nod. " wow" he says and opens the door for you. " thanks" you say. You walk outside and the light hits you in the eyes. " to bright" you say putting your sunnies on. " agreed" Riley says and walks past with his sunnies already on. ~ show off~ you though. " ahh here's my girl" you head the chief say, then you realized it was one of your other uncles.
" uncle Keith!" You say and gave him a hug and he hugged you back. " sure is. Long time no see. Do you still remember all the things I taught you?" He asked. " sure do" you say smiling. " alright. Go sit down" he says and you go sit down next to Riley. " he's your uncle" he whispered surprised. " yep. That's the reason I'm here" you whispered back. " alright. Where gonna learn how to fix a jets engine" your uncle starts and you get exited. After a while of explaining your uncle gives you an actual plane to fix. He hands you a toolbox. " thanks" you say and walk over to the plane. You open the hood. " this needs some serious work" you say taking your Ncis jumper off And putting it on the chair that got sent with you to the jet. "Hmm" you say looking at it. " fuel tanks busted. Needs a new ignition and new brake fluid. " you say and walk over to your uncle. " I need a new fuel tank , a new ignition and some break fluid" you say and he gets it for you. " thank you very much" you say grabbing it off him and taking it back. You pull out the old ignition and put the new one in. You then fix the fuel tank. " need any help?" Riley asks. " yeah can you hand me a wrench?" You ask and put your hand out and he passes you one. You fix the fuel tank in properly. " now I need a rag" you say and he hands you one he already had. You pull the break fluid thing out and wipe it on the cloth. You then realize there was no break fluid at all. " pass me that bottle of blue stuff" you say and he hands it to you. You pour it in gently making sure it doesn't go anywhere. You hand Riley back the bottle and he puts it away. You screw the cap on and wipe the excess fluid away. " did this plane work at all?" You asked. " no it wouldn't start" he replied back. You closed the hood and handed him the rag. You then climbed into the jet. " stand back" you say and he does what you say. Everyone gathered around to see if you got it to work. " let's see if this baby works" you say and turn the switch on. The propellers started to move around then the engine started. " yeah baby!" You say happily and everyone cheers. You turn it off and climb down. " you did it!" Riley yells happily and you smile. " I learnt from the best" you say looking at your uncle. " well done kiddo. I didn't think that jet would ever work" he admits. " get in and test it" he says and hands you a helmet. " alright. " you say and put it on. You put your glasses back on and climb up again. " stormy you go with her" your uncle says and he gets his helmet smiling and climbs in the back. He closes the glass top over and you start up the plane. " mockingjay  to base. Ready to fly" you say. " base to mockingjay get ready for take off." Base replies and you drive the plane out onto the run way. " this is gonna be fun If it works" Riley says. " agreed" you yelled back. ~ if only Tony was here~ you thought and base have you the signal. You started driving down the run way and you slowly lifted up going high into the air. " YEEA" you yell happily and twirl around once then zoom past base. " base to mocking
Jay, how's the weather up there?" You hear. " mockingjay to base, it's pretty clear. A little cloud" you reply. " base to mockingjay, alright take care" they say and disappear. " any requests on places?" You ask Riley. " nah. This is just a test run" he says and you nod. " mockingjay  to base where coming in landing" you say. " base to mockingjay ,  runways clear" they say and you pull down slowly and come to a stop Infront of all the people that where watching. You climbed down and took your helmet off. Your uncle came up to you and gave you a big hug. " you fixed it kiddo you fixed it!" He said with a huge smile. He let go and everyone cheered even louder at you. Riley came up to you with a huge smile. " THAT WAS AWESOME" he yelled and gave you a hug. You hugged him back. " I KNOW" you yelled happily and he let you go. ~ I wish Tony was here to see it~ you thought with a sigh. The cheering continued as you put your helmet away and someone handed you a personalized one. It was black with a gold bird  on it. On the front it read - mockingjay  - and it had flames on the bottom of it. " woah this is amazing! Thanks heaps" you say and realize it was the navy chief. " welcome to the team mockingjay" he said and you smiled. Hours later you stared at your helmet waiting for the laptop to bling. It suddenly blinged and you accepted the call. " HEY" you yelled happily. " looks like someone's happy" McGee said. " you will never guess what happened today" you said smiling. " what?" That all asked you pushed the laptop back a little and sat on the floor holding out your helmet. " does that say mockingjay  on the front?" Abby asked and you nodded. " that's my call sign here" you say and put the helmet down. " I also kinda put together a jets engine from scratch and for it to fly" you say smiling. " NO WAY" Tony yells and you nodded smiling. " well done!" They all yelled. " thank you" you said with a bow. " I miss you guys so much" you say. " we miss you to. It's not the same without you." Gibbs said. " I wish I had a bigger screen" you say looking at the tiny screen. " or maybe I just need glasses" you say. " nah you need a bigger screen. " McGee said and you nodded an agreement. " well we all best be off to bed. " Gibbs said yawning. " aww alright. Goodnight guys. " you say and Tony waves good bye. " love you to the moon and back a million times" you say and he smiles. " I love you more though. Goodnight. Talk to you tomorrow" he says and ends the call. You put the laptop away and put your helmet on the floor beside your bed.

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