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Harry (age 18)

"Niall," I groaned as Niall slowly, torturously, pulled the jeans off my legs and threw them to the floor. My back arched off the bed as Niall teasingly started kissing up my leg. "NIALL! GET OFF HER!" Harry yelled from my door. Niall threw himself back to the foot of the bed at the roar from my brother, and looked alarmingly at the door where Harry was positively seething."Harry, wait," I started, ready to defend Niall, but Harry cut me off with something akin to a bloody growl. "Did you just growl at me?" I asked disbelievingly, but Harry wasn't paying me any attention. "Do you mind telling me why my sister is in her underwear and underneath you?" Harry was trying to keep his cool, but his fists were clenched and his nostrils were flaring. "Uh yes, I actually do mind," Niall said, bending forward to pick up my shirt and hand it to me. "No!" I exclaimed, grabbing the shirt and throwing it at Harry's head. "I mind too! You can't just come in here while I'm trying to have sex, Harry! I'm a legal adult. You don't tell me what to do." Niall started blushing at the word 'sex', but I and Harry were too busy having a stare down to notice, for which Niall was grateful. "Yes. I. Can," Harry said through clenched teeth, balling the shirt up in his palm and aiming for Niall. "Oi! Cut the crap!" Niall called before Harry could throw the piece of clothing. "Harry?" my brother turned to me with a raised eyebrow. "Get out," I said simply, pointing at the door. I didn't lower my finger until the door was closed once again. "Now, where were we?"

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