(31) ~ departure day ~

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You arrived at the air port. You collected your ticket. " oh yes your Lieutenant DiNozzo" the lady said and you nodded. " your gonna need this" the lady added handing you a badge. You looked at it. " lt. (Y/N) DiNozzo. All correct" you say and pin it on the jumper you where sewing patches on the other night. " please bring your bike and follow this way" the lady says and leads you down a foot path. You walked beside her wheeling the bike as Tony, Gibbs , McGee , ducky , Palmer and Abby followed behind helping with your luggage. " right through here" the lady says and you all follow. " just wheel the bike up here" the lady says and points to a ramp. " is this my plane?" You ask and she nods. " provide jet to be exact" the lady adds and you hop on the bike turning it on and riding it up the ramp. You turn it off and look around. A man threw some rope at you and you tied the bike down. You looked at the front of the plane. The plane had a bed, a Bathroom, a tv, and a small bench. There was no wall separating the rooms from the bike so the bike was in full view the whole time. " alright. I'm so longer scared about the bike now" you admitted and climbed down. The ramp closed and the plane door opened. The lady handed you your ticket and walked off. You looked at Tony. Both of you where at the point of tears. He put his arms out and you rushed in giving him a massive long hug. You started crying and then felt tears on your head every now and then. " I'm gonna miss you so much. Call and message anytime. I will reply when I can" you say. " ok. I'll ring every night" he said holding you tight and giving you a big kiss. Gibbs came over and Tony let you go and you have Gibbs a big hug. " be careful. Take a knife with you everywhere." He said sadly. " I always do" you say and he lets go. Next you do to Abby. " stay safe" she says and you nod. " I will try" you say and then go to ducky. " stay alive. I don't need you laying on that bench in my room" he says and then you give Palmer a hug. " I'll miss you" he says. " me to" you say and he lets go. " alright. Everyone come here" you say and they all come round having a group hug. They all let go and you gave Tony one last hug. " I love you so much and nothing's going to change that" you say still in tears. "I love you more!" He says and lets you go as the flight attendant came screaming out the door. " I'll see you all when I come back" you say and walk up to the plane. You climb the stairs and walk into the jet. The lady closes the door and you sit on the bed. The lady disappears into the cockpit and the plane starts to fly. A few hours later you arrive at LA. The plane arrives and you get your phone out instantly.
• I'm at LA. All in one piece. Love you so much! Xx • you message Tony and put it back in your pocket. You get off and grab your bag of luggage. You help the people get the bike off from out of the plane and you jump on. You look around and get the map out. " alright. I gotta get to here" you say pointing at a navy base. You look at the most easy way to get there and fold the map back up and stuff it in your pocket. Your phone buzzes and you get it out. • where all glad to know your ok. Tell me when you get to the base. Love you to. Xx • Tony says and you smile. You zip the phone in your jacket pocket and put the bike on. You put your hair in a messy ponytail and put your helmet on.

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