Chapter 8

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I'm awoken when Ashton comes into my room and rubs my back as he tries to get me up. I groan and try to bury deeper under the covers but Ashton chuckles and picks me up.

"Sorry baby girl but ya gotta get up, were going on a vacation remember?" He says as he bounces me on his hip, trying to wake me up.

I whine and lay my head on his shoulder. He laughs and walks over to the changing table and unsnaps my onsie.

He takes off my nappy and wipes and powders me. I sneeze a little because the power tickled my nose. ( that sounds so weird lol )

Ashton coos at me and smiles. I blush and put my hands over my face. He chuckles and holds up black skinny jeans and a MCR t shirt.

" Is this okay to wear? I don't think you would like going out in baby clothes right? " he asks me.

I nod my head yes and let him change me. Ashton picks me up and brings me downstairs. He sets me down on a blanket and turns on max and ruby.

"I'll be right back baby, the boys are getting ready so they'll be down shortly." He says and goes back upstairs.

I watch the show for a little bit before Calum comes in the living room and scoops me up. "Are you ready to go little one?" He asks, tickling me.

I giggle and nod, resting my head on his shoulder. He smiles and takes me out to their black Escalade.

He sets me in the backseat, in the middle. Then he goes to the front and turns on the car.

Calum sets up the DVD player and turns on Finding Nemo. He then goes back inside to get our bags.

Pretty soon the rest of the boys come out and get in the car with Ashton driving, Calum in the passenger side, Luke to my right and Michael to my left.

We head off toward the airport. I rest my head on Luke's shoulder and watch the animated fish on the screen. Pretty soon I fall asleep.


I wake up to someone carrying me bridle style. I look up sleepily and see Calum smiling down at me.
"Hey baby, we're about to get on the plane, do you think you could walk for a little bit?" He asks.

I nod and he puts me down. I see we're about to enter the tube thingy to get on the plane and get a little nervous.

Calum grabs my hand and gives it a reassuring squeeze. I smile up at him as we give let a lady check our passports.

I look around when we enter the plane. It looked really fancy, we must be on first class. I slide in next to the window and Michael sits besides me.

Luke, Calum, and Ashton sits across from us, being separated by a table.

"Baby are you ready to take off?" Michael exclaims and kisses my forehead. He must see the worried look on my face because he pulls me in for a hug. "Don't worry, we'll be here all the way."

He pulls away and rummages through a backpack in the middle of us. He pulls out a music themed coloring book and a few colored pencils.

"Why don't you color until the plane takes off?" Michael asks me. I smile and begin coloring a electric guitar. The boys watch me with fond smiles.

Suddenly the overhead speaker crackles and the pilot announces we are gonna be taking off soon.

I look at Michael nervouly and he coos at me. "Baby it's okay, I'll hold your hand the whole time, okay?"

"Okay" I say quietly and Michael squeezes my hand gently. I tense up as the plane starts moving and Michael just shushes me and laughs.

I give him a timid smile and squeeze his hand tighter. Soon enough the plane starts moving and oi don't feel nervous anymore.

"See, that wasn't so bad!" Michael says and chuckles. I blush and smile at him.

He gives me his phone and tells me I can listen to music. I put on missing you by All Time Low and drift off to sleep.

When I wake up we're still on the plane and everyone besides Ashton is asleep. Once he sees that I'm awake, he smiles and asks me if I'm hungry.

I nod and he picks me up and takes me to a food bar next to our seats. He picks out fruit and a sandwich and puts them on a plate, returning to our seats and sitting down.

After feeding me, Ashton sits me besides him and turns on a movie on his laptop. "We have an hour left, thank you for being a good girl the whole trip." He tells me before clicking play on Lady and the Tramp.

I watch the movie for awhile before realising my nappy is wet. I whimper and that seems to get Ashton's attention because he pulls out his earbuds and looks at me.

"What's wrong baby girl?" He asks and lifts me up. He soon realises the problem and carries me to a bathroom.

He puts down a towel and lays me down. He makes quick work of changing me and dressing me back up.

He scoops me up and we walk back to the other boys. He sits me between Calum and him, then pulls a blanket over us.

"Try to sleep babe, the plane will be landing shortly." He says. I nod and lay my head on his shoulder. I drift off to sleep, listening to his heartbeat.

What should happen next?
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