(30) ~ the wedding ~

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" put my jeans , tshirt and my riding jumper in the bag please Abs" you call as you zip the back of your dress up. " alright" Abby calls back and comes in the room with your bag. Abby was wearing a black knee length dress and her hair out. " you look beautiful Abs" you say smiling. " and so do you" she replied and hands the bag to you. " thanks heaps. "I'm taking this dress off and putting that on after the wedding" you say and put your jewelry one. You where wearing a full length white gown that had purple ribbon around the waist that was tied in a bow on the side. You had black flats on underneath. Your nails where painted a perfect white. Your hair was in a waterfall braid. You looked in the mirror and realized none of the dye has come out yet. Abby came over and put the vail on you clipping onto the purple headband in your hair. A while later you stood outside the closed doors ready to walk out into the isle. Gibbs came out in his suit and looked at you amazed. " you've probably been told this a million times already but you look beautiful he says and hugs you. You hug him back. " thank you gibbs. Your looking very handsome" you say and let go as the music starts. You take a deep breath in and then out and the door opens and you walk out with Gibbs. You arrive at the front nervous as hell. Tony looks at you smiling and tears where forming in his eyes. You blush and smile back. You know what happens in between the rings. Tony puts the ring on your finger and you put the ring on his finger. " I know pronounce you husband and wife" the guy says and Tony pulls you into a big kiss. You smile and look at him when he legs go. " I'm changing after the reception party and riding home" you whisper and he laughs. " same here" he whispered back and you both get down the stage and walk out the door. A while later a man comes in with a huge cake. Tony stands up and does a cheesy speech and everyone laughs. You stand up and get ready to cut the cake. " there's no knife" the man says and walks away to get one. " done get one" you say to him and pull one out of your pocket. " rule n0.9 never go anywhere without a knife" you say happily and put the knife in the cake and Tony puts his hand on your hand and you cut the cake. You sat down with the cake on a plate and relaxed back eating it. " you can't make me fall off my chair this time" you say to Tony and you both laugh. Once the party ended you rushed up to tour changing room and changed into your jeans and tshirt. You put your black ankle boots on and came out at the same time as Tony did with your helmet in your hand. " let's go" you say and he nods. He swings open the door and you run out just in time. You jump on the bike and start it up. " lead the way Mrs DiNozzo" Tony says and you nod putting your helmet on. You turn the headlight on and ride out into the night with Tony following close by.

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