(29) ~ the new toy ~

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" wake up. Where going to get your bike today" Gibbs said shaking you lightly. " huh , oh yay" you say jolting up and running to your wardrobe to choose something. You got your jeans and put a tshirt on that had Ncis written on it. " this is the first time I've worn this" you say walking out in your heal ankle boots. " your taking it with you wether you like it or not" Gibbs says and you nod agreeing. " get up Tony!" You yell and he gets up. " I'm awake" he says and rolls of the bed landing on the floor like a derp. You look at Gibbs and burst out laughing. " come on" Gibbs says and you grab your purse. " let's go. " Gibbs says and then Tony swings the bike keys Infront of your face. " can I?" You ask. " go for it" he says and you take it out of his hands and give him a kiss and run off to the bike happily. You put the jumper and gloves on as Gibbs opened the garage. " thank you" you say and back the bike out with the helmet in your hand. " be careful" Gibbs and Tony say at the same time. " I know how to ride a bike. I will" you say and start it up. You pull the glasses out of your pocket and put them on. You tie your purple hair into a pony tail and wait for Gibbs to pull out. He pulls out of the drive and you put the helmet on and follow. Gibbs stops at a red light in the second lane and you ride up in between the two lanes and sit there. The light turns green and you flaw it going at the speed limit and put the indicator on and turn into the second lane as the people in the car behind let you. You arrived at the bike shop and pulled up. You got of and turned the bike off and waited for Gibbs and Tony. They arrived and you handed the key back to Tony. You excitedly walked  into the shop and looked around. You went to study a few then you finally picked out a black one with flames on it. " this one" you say sitting on it and feeling it was the one. " nice" they said and a man came up " can I help in anyway?" The man asked and looked at you. "( Y/N)?" He said and you smiled. " Uncle Ned" you say and get off the bike. " I'm getting that one " you say pointing at it and he had a huge grin on his face. " well. Let's go get the confirmation sheets" he says and pulls you along. " I got heals Uncle Ned" you say struggling and he lets go. " oops sorry" he says and takes you into a room with a open door. You sit down and he pulls out a folder. Tony comes in and sits down next to you and so did Gibbs. " who's this?" Your uncle asks writing down stuff on a piece of paper. " Uncle Ned, this is Tony. My husband. And that is Gibbs. My dad slash boss" you say. " he's looking after me " you add in. " ahh. Nice. WAIT DID YOU SAY HUSBAND" he yells and you nod. He looks at Tony studying him. " your parents would of loved him" your uncle says and looks back down at his work.  " alright. Sign this" he says and you sign it. " how as you paying?" He asks and you get your credit card out. " there's enough on there for it" you say and he gets up. " follow" he says and takes you out onto a huge desk. " swipe and your done" he says and hands you a little eftpos machine. You swipe your card in and put the pin in. " it's now yours" he says happily handing you the sheets to say it's yours. " well. Now we can both ride" Tony says happily. " yes! Defiantly. After I come back though. If I do" you say with a half smile. " now I need a tshirt" you say and dash off to the tshirts. You chose one with the bar and shield on it and one with some bikes on it. You pay for them and get ready to ride the bike home. You also choose a helmet and a jumper." can I ride my bike home? " you whispered to your uncle. " got for it dear" he said handing you the key. " love you Uncle Ned" you say and kiss him. You put the jumper on and hold the Helmet as they wheeled the bike out for you. " meet you at home?" You say to Gibbs. " alright. Tony's going with you" Gibbs said and Tony pulled up next to you. You pull out another pair of glasses director gave you and hand them to Tony and you smile. He puts them on and you look at him. " you look hot like that" you say and put your glasses on. " right back at ya" he says and you climb on your bike and put your helmet on. You start it up and let out a happy sigh. " let's roll" you say to Tony and pull out of the driveway. 

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