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Chapter One: Wizards!?

A/N: This is set two years after the Giant War and Literally just after the Battle of Hogwarts. All die and get injured as stated in the books. (However there is a twist, the get killed, don't die) Also, I botched up the timeline to make it fit, I know that Harry Potter is way before PJO but otherwise it wouldn't work. Percy is twenty and Harry is still seventeen. Oh, and I own nothing. Just throwing that out.

The Battle of Hogwarts was over. Finally Harry triumphed over the Dark Lord but not without losses. The entire Weasley family grieved over Fred, while the rest of the Order cried over Tonks and Lupin. Many lives had been lost including, but not limited to, Colin Creevey, Mad-Eye Moody and Dumbledore the year before.

Suddenly the doors to the Great Hall burst open and in limped...

"Professor Snape? Is that you?" Harry asked tentatively.

"Yes Harry, it is me," Snape replied wearily.

"But, you died. I saw you die,"

"No, you saw me fall, you did not see me die." Snape said, "I knew that the Dark Lord would try to kill me, so I drank a potion beforehand that would put me in a coma-like state when struck with the Killing Curse. My half-brother does a lot of necromancy and the type, so he helped me develop it, however you need to really want to live to survive. I knew that a lot of people would be killed so I actually put it in everyone's drinks in Hogwarts and the Order. In fact, soon everyone will start to wake up."

As Snape finished his speech a sharp intake of breath was heard. Everyone's heads swivelled around to see Fred sitting up, looking confused "Hey everyone, what did I miss?" He asked.

Immediately, George sprang up and gave Fred a massive bear hug before pulling away and slapping him across the face.

"Hey, what was that for?" Asked Fred indignantly.

"That was for making me think you were dead," George said, teary-eyed.

"Hey, ya' know you could never get rid of me." Fred replied cheekily "Besides if I died then how could you come up with so many stuff for the joke shop. You know I do all the work."

This shocked the rest of the Weasley's out of their stupor enough for Mrs Weasley to shout "Fred" and tackle him while the rest of them piled on top. Hermione ran up and hugged him too while Harry came up and slapped him on the back making him flinch.

One by one, every single person lying in the Great Hall sat up and took a breath, alive and well. Tonks and Lupin sat up at exactly the same time and wrapped their arms around each other, crying in happiness.

Professor McGonagall waved her wand and a huge feast appeared on the four long house tables as everyone sat down on them, laughing and crying with their recovered family members. But, no one was sitting according to houses anymore. They were all mixed together, Gryffindors and House Elves next to Slytherins and centaurs, all talking like they hadn't just been enemies, separated by an age old rivalry between the founders.

As soon as everyone had eaten their fill they took hold of their loved ones and took the Floo back to their respective homes and houses. Mrs Weasley invited the entire Order of the Phoenix to stay at The Burrow for the holidays.

Yes, thought Harry as he experienced the stomach-churning effects of floo powder, this was going to be a good summer...

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On the side of the world, at Camp Half-Blood, it is two years after the Giant War. Many things have changed. The two camps have merged together, with CHB now supporting Praetors (Percy and Annabeth) and Camp Jupiter now teaching Greek style fighting and keeping Pegasi in the stables. Three weeks after Gaia's defeat, a speck had appeared on the horizon until it was identified as Festus with two people on his back. As soon as Leo had come in sight of camp he jumped up and started to dance. Unfortunately Leo had been the only thing keeping Festus in the air which led to him spiralling out of control... Straight into the lake. Well, no one can say that Fate isn't artistic. As Percy put it, "I may hate the Fates with all my soul but at least they finished it like they started it," then added as an afterthought, "but this time it's Leo and Calypso on a giant bronze dragon crashing into the lake not, ya' know, the other thing."

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