7.7. Wrong Dreams?

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Short but Quick Update <3

Chapter # 7.7

Shehry's POV

"A wife should be not-so-educated, pretty, obedient with a flawless character" Jawad claimed. As if I asked you. jahil insaan.

He looked here and there before leaning in a little and I frowned. "unlike Haya you know" my frown went deeper.

"Yeah. I know you two are committed but trust me a girl who tried to seduce her cousin how can you be sure about her character?" he made a face and I gulped the urge of smacking his face, down my throat.

I didn't want to create a scene. Afterall it was about a few weeks drama, why to get so serious?

"I mean honestly look at yourself man!" Jawad eyed me up and down and up again making me eternally shiver with the thought is he a gay?

"you can get the hottest chick but I can see you are badly stuck with my nakchirhi cousin" he made a face and I shrugged my shoulders.

"Bus kia Karen ub jo qismat mein likha hea wo to nai badalta na" I stated acting much humble and he thumped his heavy hand over my shoulder. Oh teriii maa ka ...... bulldozer!!!

"you can still get out of this" he leaned in stating in a hushed tone and I frowned.

"Are you like...still into Haya or...

"Oh hold on!!! Its nothing like that" he cut me through as I gave him a suspicious look. "Mom wanted to give it a try where as I was completely against it. I mean who wants Haya type ki wife in his life? She is not bivi material at all"

He claimed and I mentally punched him square in face.

"uh- how?" I asked furrowing my brows and he went in full on explanation mode.

"dekh yar! Banda sara din ka thaka hara ghar aaye or samney russi hui voti miley, nakhrey itney k kadi muken he na, zabaan train jitni lambi or piyar k nam per mathey per subha sham ball" he counted over his fingers.

"Ub bata. Aesi bivi kisey chaiye ho gi?" he asked and I moved my head thoughtfully.

"You are right Boss! Intiha ki nakchiri or baddimagh hea" I added and he nodded.

"chalo nakhrey bhi berdasht ker leta hea banda agar voti Miss world ho. Huhn!" he jerked his head disapprovingly and I internally heaved up a sigh.

Pata nai kahan is jahil k sath betha ker chaley gaye Qadir uncle?

"yeah! And I always wanted Miss universe" I boasted mockingly and he gave me a sympathetic look. "bus kia karoon Mom Dad like her a lot and I seriously can not refuse them" I added and he patted my shoulder as if was consoling me.

"koi nai koi nai, bus thora tight ker k rakhna" he casually instructed me and I made a thoughtful O with my lips. "ye desi lerkiyan na America London mein reh ker khud ko Queen Victoria samajhney lagti hen. Zara lagaam dheeli ki nai k nikal gaeen hath se. Get a good hold man!" he winked at the end and I fought hard with all my guts to press a smile but couldn't.

I was about to say something when his phone rang up and he excused.

Sala ek number ka Harami hea....thats God Haya got out of that. I shook my head as I turn to leave and my feet freeze in their place. Finding Haya standing in the door frame with her arms crossed and gaze fixed on me.

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