austin mahone imagines <DIRTY>

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your POV

you and austin were going out to a fancy dinner for your 1 & 1/2 year anniversary. and yes austin mahone the famous singer. I was getting ready when austin yelled and asked me if i was ready. "almost babe just a minute" I yelled back. I was putting on my high heels and walking down the stairs.

Austin's POV

I could hear Amanda's steps slowly come down the stairs. I turned around to see the woman I fell on love with from the start and how she is so beautiful and caring. the dress she was wearing fit her on all the right places. It was strappless with white silk on the top and a turquoise stripe just under her breasts and then it was black to the bottom. but she can get me aroused just by looking at me....

Your POV

austin was staring at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes of his that just make me wanna melt right there. "y-you look a-amazing Amanda" he stuttered I could tell he was excited due to the bulge beginning to grow in his pants. so we are heading out to the car when I feel Austin's hand grab and slap my ads which made want him even more than I already did.

we got in the car and started to drive to Texas De Brazil in Miami, Florida. when we got there he told the guys our reservations and we got seated. we ate so much food I thought we were gonna blow up. on our way home I decided to tease austin a lil bit. I put my hand on his thigh and started rubbing it I could tell he was getting excited due to the fact that he now had a bulge and it was getting bigger. " thanks for the amazing dinner babe happy anniversary" I whispered seductively in his ear.

austin gripped the stirring wheel even harder causing his knuckles to turn white. "okay babe just wait till we get home" he growled. which made me even more turned on. when we pulled up to the house I didn't even have time to undue my seatbelt before austin came and grabbed me out of the car and picked me up bridal styled and carried me to our bedroom. he laid me on our bed and ripped off my dress and I ripped off his shirt and pants.

we were in a hot make out session when austin started kissing down my neck causing me to moan his name. he undid my bra and started to kiss down the valley between my breasts. and he started to suck and nibble on my left nipple while massaging my right one. then austin kissed down my body to my underwear. "these......... are gonna have to go" austin growled in my ear and ripped them off. he stuck two fingers in me and started pumping them on me fast and hard. "AUSTIN JUST GET INSIDE ME NOWW!!!!" I yelled and moaned.

austin took off his boxers and placed his tip at my entrance he slowly pushed all the way in and let me adjust to his huge size. and then he started to thrust faster and harder hitting my g-spot every time causing me to moan continuously. "AUSTIN I'M C-CLOSE!!!" I yelled dragging my nails down his back. "CHM FOR ME BABE ON 3 READY........1.........2...........3!!!!!!!!" we both yelled in unison.

"I love you Amanda and I have one question to ask" he whispered in my ear. his arm was around my waist and my back pressed to his chest.

"ask away babe" I said

" Amanda (M/N) (Y/L/N) Will you make me the happiest man alive and be mine...... Amanda will you marry me?"

you turned around tears in your eyes "YES YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES!!!"

he smiled and kissed you suggest much passion and love you knew that it was ment to be........


hope you liked it @iNiallsHottie

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