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      When Jacob goes to answer the door, you get up and start to walk to the door and you see everyone enter. It wasn't much, just 6 people (All the people above). You saw 3 really pretty girls and you automatically thought your life was over because they could easily win him over. One of them gave you the 'body check' and just smirked mockingly and looked back at Jacob smiling. You slide your hands int your front pockets. Jacob sees you and then says, "Hey guys, this is my new friend Brooke." You smile and everyone smiles back and says hi but the one girl.
     Everyone went to the living room and Jacob introduced you to everyone.
• The one girl that smirked mockingly at you was Alicia and she had brown hair with even lighter natural high lights. To be honest she was pretty.
• The blonde girl with highlights was Harper and she seemed super nice, you saw her around school but she isn't really social. You hoped to be friends with her
• The other blonde girl was Loren Beech, everyone knew her. I mean after all she is a model... but she seems funny, so you hope for the best.
• The blonde dude is Mark Thomas, he is Jacobs best friend but they don't go to the same school. He's also well know.
• The guy with the brown hair and beanie on was Cameron Dallas [ But 15 years old]
• And the last guy was James and he seemed cute, but it was weird how he keeps staring at your body.
     Jacob had proposed that we watch Netflix, a horror movie. Everyone agreed and so you and to agree with them, even though you HATE horror movies. When you all sat down on the couch, Jacob had sat down next to you. You got so excited and happy inside but on the outside you just smiled at him. Alicia saw fireworks going on between you guys and said, " Jakie would you mind getting me a glass of water please?" He said ok and got up to the kitchen. Alicia got up when he left and sat next to you and smirked and whispered in your ear, "Back off bitch, Jacob would always pick me over you so don't think your worth anything just cause he sat next to you. Can't you see the difference between class and trash?" You dead stared at her and said, " Yeah, I can, and I see that trash right in front of me 😊." Alicia rolled her eyes and saw Jacob coming and then smiled, but you noticed he looked confused because she wasn't sitting there before, he gave the water and she held his arm lightly and said, " Thank you Jacob 😉."  he said, "No problem...?" He sat down next to mark who was on the other side of the couch. Then he started the movie...

When he ended the movie it was 2 o clock. Wow that was a really long movie, you though to yourself. Jacob said," Yo anyone as hungry as I am?" everyone said yeah at the same time. Jacob went to the kitchen and when he got up he smiled at me, and continued walking. Alicia saw and just puffed. He came back 5 minutes later and everyone including you, were on your phone. Jacob said," Ok guys I ordered pizza... if you even would bother to pick your heads up from the phones." Harper has recommended they go sit by the pool, everyone agreed and went outside.
When they started to walk near the pool Jacob pushed Mark in the pool. "YO DUDE I CANT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT. OH MY GOD I DON'T HAVE CLOTHES WITH ME." Mark said. Jacob just laughed and so did everyone else but you felt bad and helped make out the pool and when he looked at you, you guys just had a stare session for what seemed liked 10 hours, but it was actually 5 seconds. "Are you ok? You need a towel?" You said. Mark smiled and said yeah. You felt like you guys stared at each other again for 10 hours, even though it was only a couple seconds. You looked at Jacob who's cheeks were blushing up and he looked angry, but you couldn't figure out why. I mean it's not like he has a crush on you. Right?
You guys sat for 1 more hour and just talked about school work and about how annoying teachers are. Then the pizza came, and the boys all ran to the door like hungry animals. That left you, Harper, Alicia, and Loren and obviously Alicia gave you the death stare again. You just rolled your eyes and started talking to Loren about her modeling and what she does. The guys came back with the pizza and you all started to eat.
Hours passed by and it was already 7:00 and so you guys went inside and Mark was still wet, but TBH admit it, he did look just a little cute. Alicia said," I know what to do now" she said with an ugly smirk on her face," let's play 7 minutes in heaven but spinning the bottle and whoever it lands has to go in with the person that spinner the bottle. " Everyone hesitated at first but Alicia convinced them and they all sat in the middle of the living room floor.
Alicia said,"So who's spinning first??" Mark said he'll go first. He spinned the bottles and it landed on Harper. But they both looked relieved because they are best friends and they won't do anything wrong to ruin that.
*7 minutes later*
They came out the dark closet and they started laughing because they just told stories and didn't do anything. "I want to spin now." Alicia said. She spinned and it landed on Cameron. She rolled her eyes and pulled him in the closet.
*7 minutes later*
They came out and Alicia just tried to seem like they did nothing, but Cameron had his mouth wide open and and his shirt was a little crooked and so was his beanie and his hair. We all stared at her and she just stomped her feet and sat down on the couch, away from us. Jacob said he wants to spin. So Alicia ran over and sat, hoping it would land on her. "*cough cough* slut *cough cough*" you said to Alicia. She just rolled her eyes. Jacob spinned and it landed on you. You were shocked and Alicia didn't want to make it obvious but she was screaming inside. Jacob smiled his cute smile, and you guys went inside the dark closet.

Authors Note: HEY GUYS, I'm so sorry I am not active but it's because I have crap ton of homework and it's my birthday next week, so as a present my mom is BUYING ME ULTRA VIP TICKETS TO MAGCON TO MEET JACOB AND that's all I've been thinking about lately 😩😭 I'm sorry but every time I have Hw and I try making it a really long chapter. But thanks for the support and I hope you liked this chapter. (That cliffhanger doe)

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