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I was walking to my locker, when Kurt steeped in front of me.

"OMG! Kurt you scared the life out of me," I shouted.

"Do you know you are elected for Junior and Senior Class President!" he frowned.

"What? I didn't sign up and I'm not a senior!" I replied.

"With you in the race, I have no chance of winning," he said, a lil dramatically.

"Why?" I asked, tilting my head.

"You are the most popular girl in school," he answered.

"Really?" I asked proudly. He just sigh and walked away.

"Olivia, can I see you in my office please?" Mr.Shue asked me across the hallway. Can oneself not get to oneself's locker? I nodded and walked into his room, were Mike already was.

"I would like to know if you two, would like to do 'Booty Camp'?"Mr.Shue asked as we sat down. Mike and I looked at each other and nodded.


"Now get to class," he said. I did even get to go to my locker. People,ugh! I went to my locker quickly and went to History.

"Hey San!" I said sitting beside her.

"Hi," she mumbled.

"How are you coping?" I asked hugging her.

"I hate not being in Glee Club. It sucks," she replied angrily. Then class started.

~Glee Club~

"I noticed this year, the singing was great but the dancing...." said Mr.Shue. "So I've organised a weekly 'Booty Camp'. Finn, Puckerman,Pierce, Jones and Hummel, it's mandatory for you guys,". Mercedes and Kurt gave shocked faces.

"Mr.Shue, can I aswell I need to catch on stuff?" asked Blaine and Mr.Shue said yes.

"Also, I will not be directing the musical this year-which is West Side Story- because I'm gonna be too busy with 'Booty Camp' and the competitions. So, Miss.Pillsbury and Coach Beiste will be helping the student director. Who is...................Artie!" continued Mr.Shue.

"What?" asked Artie.

"Artie, this is great. You love directing!" I said.

"I'm glad you think that Olivia. Because, in case Artie can't make it or something like that, you will be sub director!" Mr.S told me.

"What's sub director?" I asked.

"It's a made up for the director understudy type person. So if Artie is not here, you make all the director decisions," explained Rachel.

"But I'm doing 'Booty Camp'!" I realised.

"I'll do it with just Mike," answered Mr.Shue.

"Yay!" I said. I went to hug Artie and just ended up sitting on his lap.


"So, I'll do everything except choreographing and choosing outfits, which you will do. And we both do casting," Artie and I agreed.

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