Joey Graceffa Fan Fiction

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Chaper 1: New beginnings 

"I can't believe you're going to America this summer!" Jade sqeals at me. "I mean, that's not fair! You are leaving me behind with all these losers to go to L.A." She looks at me with a sad expresion on her face. I did feel bad leaving her behind but I needed to go to scope out the Universitys there. "I'm Sorry Jade, but America has the best schooling system and if I want to be a news reporter, I need to hit Hollywood!" 

It was the last day of school for us sixth formers. It was such a hot day, with the sun bursting through a few clouds in the sky. Everyone had their own plans on what they wanted to go to, what University, what to study, everything! Me on the other hand, had no clue. I only knew I wanted to be on T.v doing something. That's why I chose to go to L.A. It seems like it will be a good growing experience and since my Unlce is a producer over there he has an apartment I can stay at while he's away on location with a movie. I don't know much about America. I'd ony every been there twice and that was in Florida for Disney. I guess you could say I was nervous as hell. 


With all the goodbyes said and done and my bags packed and ready, I was heading off to the airport. It will be an eight hour flight so I have come prepared. Laptop to watch some anime, Lord of the Rings books and my sketch pad to doodle on. I had my Iphone fully charged and my Beats on ready to blast the music as soon as we take off. I was feeling determined to concour L.A!

The flight went really quick for me. I fell asleep during an episode of Fullmetal Alchemist and slept the rest of the way there! Since I was technically going back in time, I felt fully rested to explore L.A and find where my new apartment would be. I got through the terminal and out of the airport in pretty quick time. 

As I was waiting outside for a taxi to arrive a bunch of people came out of the airport laughing their heads off. They were all holding a camera of some sort. Some were talking to them like it was an actual person. It seemed strange to me so I decided to ignore them. Then some decided to stand and wait for a taxi too. It was a boy and girl. They looked like they were around 20, and seemed to be together. Then the boy decided to whip out his camera. "Well hello there everyone! Brittney and I just came back from Vidcon and it was amazing! Thank you all so much for coming to see me and give me stuff, it's unreal. I love you all so much! I'll talk to you when we get to The Cheesecake Factory!" He turned off his camera and continued to talk to supposedly Brittney. Then it clicked. YouTubers! Jade is obsessed with them! I never had time to get into them and their lives like she did. The only ones I knew of were Jack and Finn Harries but only because I went to Summer in the City with Jade last year and met them. 

A taxi finally arrived and just as I was about to call it over, the YouTubers beat me to it! They started to put their luggage in but then the boy noticed me. "Hey Brittney, I think this girl was before us actually!" He says while still staring at me. As I looked at him, I realised how gorgeous he was. His hair was blondish brown, short and stood up perfectly. He has piercing green eyes and an amazing smile. [Holy shit, he's the hottest guy I've ever seen!] I think to myself. I realised I had been staring too much but he started talking to me. "Here you go, sorry about that! My name's Joey, and this is my friend Brittney!" He smiles as he introduces himself. I smile back and introduce myself. "Amelia, nice to meet  you! Hey I can wait for another taxi if you're in a rush or anything it's fine." I say as I try to make more eye contact with Brittney rather than Joey so I don't creep him out. "No, dude it's fine! We're not in a rush or anything, go ahead!" Brittney says while she starts taking their stuff out. "Oh thank you so much! As you can tell I'm not really from around here." I laugh.  As I load up my stuff in the boot and hop in, Joey leans in from the window and asks "Hey are you new to L.A. then?" I tell him breifly why I'm here and how long I'm staying as the taxi driver was looking impacent. "Oh awesome! I hope to see you around Amelia!" I wave and smile at them and head off to the apartments address. [Well that was a nice encounter, wait till Jade heres about this!] I think to myself as we get on the highway. 

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