Need a book cover? (Discont.)

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Need a book cover? I may be able to help you.Look at my two book covers for my stories Lone wolf and Hitgirl. I made them in less then two minutes. If you need a book cover fast, then just comment and tell me the title, what the cover should look like, your email, and if you want your name or your username. There are some things i wont be able to do, because i'm not perfect.

For the collage previews (without all the motions and switching like in the video over there), visit the website in the information bark over there to the right. ill post some of the singular photos sometime later. The graphics and detail are much more visible in the link.

Heres a rubric so that i know what the book cover should be like (It doesnt have to be exactly like this, just include the following):

~Book Title

~If you want your name or your username at the bottom

~Font! If you know what font you want, tell me. If you dont, give me an overall example of how it should look.

~Tell me if you want a banner or a book cover, it makes a huge difference!

~Picture (anime/real/cartoon/ect?)

~Apperance (Blonde, Redhead, Green eyes/ect?)

~What they are doing (Running/crying/ect?)

~Their emotion (Happy/ sad/ tired/stressed/ ect?)

~Their outfit (dark jeans/ blue shirt/ ect?) I will email you if i am having trouble with this.

~Backround (Dark, foggy, sunny, rainbow, house, ect?)

~Any other backround items (Horse, person taking picture of main character, ect?)

~Your email (if you are not comfertable putting out your email for all to see, email me:

~If you have extra details, that'd be great!

It may take a while for me to complete a book cover, because of school. I will try an get it to you within a week or two. Thanks (:

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