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As Dan followed her up the long boardwalk to the house, he couldn't quite believe the turn his day had taken. Of all the women who could have reappeared in his life, Lily was the most unexpected—and the most disconcerting.

Breaking up with her had been one of the hardest things he'd ever had to do. If he hadn't been so sure it was the right thing to do, he would have never been able to go through with it. But it had been—and her grandma had been there to remind him of that fact in case he lost his nerve.

"So, your grandparents left this place to you?" he asked as she fished two beers out of a beat up cooler on the covered porch that lined the back of the house.

She nodded as she handed him one.

"Yep, they sure did."

Huh. He'd been expecting more of a story than that.

"How come you've never been to see us, then? I assumed it belonged to your parents, and that's why it was left to us to run the place."

Lily shrugged as she plopped down on the wooden porch swing. "Just busy, I guess."

Dan would have pressed for more details, but his mouth went dry at the sight of her polka dot-covered breasts pointing up toward the sky as she stretched. Without meaning to, he found himself moving toward her, craving the feel of her in his arms. Fortunately, he came to his senses before he touched her, and managed to settle for sitting beside her on the swing.

Her head snapped up. "You know, there's lots of seating available up here. You don't have to sit next to me."

"Yes, but this is where the best view is," he said, his eyes drifting toward her cleavage again.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "What? I'm talking about the bay!"


A not-quite-awkward silence descended as they both stared out at the waves. Dan nursed his beer, wondering if he should just get up and go. She clearly wasn't crazy about having him there. But he was enjoying the sparks their not-quite-touching legs were generating too much to leave.

Finally, Lily turned to look at him. "I guess I owe you a thank you."

That was unexpected. "For what?"

"For taking care of this place for all these years. You could have let it go to pot and I would have never known."

"Oh, well. That's what our family does. Take care of rental homes. Letting this one go would have been bad for business."

"But don't people usually pay you to manage the homes?"

"I'm sure someone was paying us. And you should have been receiving checks for the income it generates—this property costs a pretty penny to rent."

"Checks? I don't... maybe I have. I'll have to check into it."

Dan frowned. "I can call my mom if you want. She can tell us what account the money is going to. I certainly hope no one is taking advantage of you."

Lily shook her head. "Not necessary. My grandparents set up a trust for me when, well, a while ago. It's probably in there."

Then her expression brightened. "But hey, could you help me with something real quick while you're here?"

"Baby, I could help you with a lot of things." Starting with undoing the string of that tiny bikini top.

She quirked an eyebrow at him. "Great. Then I have a leaky faucet that's dying for your attention."

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