{ 14 }I Accidentally and Unintentionally Fell in Love .....With a Vampire 14

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"How can you even think I'd leave you?" I yelled and he said "Then you can't see your father" I wasn't angry at anyone in specific but at the situation itself. "I have to at least see him once."

"than I'm coming with you"

"o, ya because that worked out so well last time." I laughed but it was strained. He said "I'm not letting you go alone." I said "well you ain't commin' with me that's for sure. They'd make you into dog food."

Chris looked like he was deciding something. Eventually he said "what happened after I assed out?" I didn't see how this pertained to me seeing my dad but I answered anyway. "I screamed at him and told him to leave. He did than I ran over to you and well.....I.... um, helped you. That's when I bit my arm." "Jade, I'm sorry but...... he left you with an injured vampire and I could have killed you and he damn well knows that. When vamp are near to death they automatically feed and try to regain there strength.....I'm sorry but I don't want you to go." "Aggggg"I grunted and looked down at the bed.

He held my cheeks in his hands and tilted my head up so I was looking at him. He looked sad. He said "Jade, I'm so sorry. This is my entire fault. I should have never asked you to meet me at the lake. I wasn't thinkin..." I put my fingers over his lips and said "it's no ones fault but my fathers and the belief that vampires and werewolves can't coexist in peace. Fire and ice do coexist without destroying each other." Chris laughed but it didn't sound as carefree as it usually did. He said "Robert Frost the poem Fire and Ice."

I pushed him back down on the bed and laid down in his arms. We stayed that way, not talking, for probably ten minutes. Then Chris asked me "Why did you save me?"

wait what? I asked "seriously?" he looked serious and he shook his head yes. I almost laughed at how serious he was. didn't he know I loved him, that I would do anything for him?

"I love you. The thought of losing again, I can't take that. When you were gone when I first changed it was like I was breathing but there was no air, oxygen didn't satisfy me any more. Every part of me longed for something. I didn't know what at the time but It was you. I felt foreign, like I wasn't me. I love you and can't be me without you. I can't exist without you. Why would I not save you?"

He rolled over on top of me and he carefully supported his weight so he wouldn't squish me. He was kissing me everywhere; my lips, cheek, neck, and collarbone, then back up again. I felt his whole body pressed against mine, his legs were on either side of me, his hips were pressed tight against mine, and his stomach and chest was brushing against me.

His tongue licked my lip begging to get in and I gladly let him.

My stomach growled then Chris pulled away. I growled causing Chris to laugh.

Why is it when we are so close to sleeping together, something always comes up and stops us? Aggggggg.

He said "you're in luck. I bought a mini fridge and loaded it up with stuff last night after you left but if you want to go get something that's fine too." I sighed and mumbled "fine." He got off me and I got something to eat.

Chris was fidgeting the whole time I was eating so asked him "what's wrong?" he replied "I....well...I'm hungry" "o, ok... I'll be here. Just don't stay out too long." He said "thanks for understanding" then he left.

Well it was now or never so I went to go see my dad.

at her house

I didn't bother knocking I just went in. I heard people talking I the kitchen. I went over to the door and listened. Someone was saying "we must put a stop to this." someone else said "in this pack, befriending a vampire means death." A third voice that sounded like my dad said "that law hasn't been used in over 200 years but I understand that she can't go unpunished." The second voice said "we cannot let her lead a revolt against all that we have worked for. She gets the death penalty" there was silence. I can't believe my father wouldn't love me enough to fight for me.

I ran out of the house crying. I can't believe my father. I should have never come. I don't know what I expected to happen. After mom died everything changed. I thought we became closer because we were the only family we had. I was wrong. I could never leave Chris but I wanted to say good-bye to my father. Well goodbye dad. You won't see me ever again.

I didn't want Chris to see me like this but I had no where else to go.

-back home

Chris wasn't home when I got home. It was only about half an hour after he left. I had time to calm down.

When he got home Chris said "come with me." I took his hand and he led me to his bike. We got on and left. I asked "where we go'n" he said "you'll see."

When we got there it was a mini-golf place that also had go-carts. Chris asked "What do you want to do first?"

First we played mini-golf. I won, yay. But I think Chris let me. Then we went on the go-carts.

I had so much fun and I forgot about everything. I think that was Chris's plan and I'm happy it worked. He knows me so well.

Then we went to a fancy Italian restaurant. It was kind of odd when I was the only one eating. When I was almost finished eating Chris asked me "are you sure you want to stay with me?" I answered immediately with no second guessing. I said "well, I can't leave you. I love you."

When I was done eating Chris asked me "are you finished" I nodded yes. He got up and came over to me. he held out his hand and I took it but instead of helping me up he got down on one knee.

I stopped breathing. He took the box out of his pocket then opened it. He said "Jade, you are the only person I have ever loved. I love you so much that some times it drives me crazy when I see how perfect you are. I want to spend the rest of my very long life with you. Jade, will you marry me?"

I was so happy that tears were streaking down my face and I couldn't speak. So I just nodded yes. He got up and kissed me then said "I'll be back in a minute I need to pay the check" I shook my head ok and he left.

When he got back I could talk and I had stopped crying.

We got on his bike and left. When we got home I asked "when do you want to get married?" I couldn't help but smile when I said these foreign words. Chris also had a big grin plastered to his face. He said "as soon as you're ready."

I thought about it. What difference would it make if we waited one month or two? I was ready to give him my heart and soul. I was ready to marry him.

I whispered "I'm ready now. You're my future and I don't see the point putting it on hold. That won't change anything."

There is going to be 1-2chapters left

I had an idea for a sequel. She could want to be turned and have kids but it's dangerous o they argue about it. Her father and the pack are after her.

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