Chapter 36

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Morning class went by normal and now it was lunch. I bought my lunch and sat at carlos table.

"Hey guys" i said to them and started eating my fries.

"Hey liya. Were going bowling today. Do you want to come" skylar asked and i nodded

"Sure" i said just as issac came towards me

"Hey liya. Can i talk to you" he asked and i nodded

"Sure" i said and got up and followed him out the cafeteria and to the lockers.

"What did you want to say" i asked him smiling and leaned on someone's locker

"I wanted to say sorry about kissing you yesterday. I was just in the moment and i totally forgot you were with carlos" he said

"Issac its okay and i'm not with carlos" i said laughing at him

"Oh okay. But i hope were okay right" he asked and i nodded

"Yes we are okay. Come on lets go. I want to eat my fries" i said to him and started walking but tripped on my own feet.
It happens to everyone i thought as issac quickly grabbed me.

"Sorry. I'm clumsy" i said looking up at him as he smirked

"Yeh is falling on air a new trend" he said chuckling and helped me up

"What no. Come on" i said and he stopped laughing and we went to the cafeteria.

School had finished now and me and carlos went to bowling with everyone.

When we got there carlos paid for everyone and we wore our bowling shoes and went to aisle 3.

"Teams. Liya and carlos against me, kyle and skylar" jorden said and we nodded

While we were playing jorden walked up to me and sat on the chair next to me.

"Remember the last time we were here. You asked if i like skylar. I do" he said and i was confused and shocked

"I'm sorry jorden but i don't remember that. But you like skylar thats so good. I'll ask her later if she likes you as well" i said and he sighed

"Good luck with that. And You do know that carlos is your boyfriend" he asked

"Jorden. Why are you talking about this" i asked confused and he sighed

"Because i heard you and issac talking. You guys kissed. Liya your carlos's girlfriend" he said and i shook my head

"I'm not his girlfriend jorden. I don't remember any thing and you can't force me to" i said standing up and walked out of the bowling hall outside. I sat on a wall and just sighed.

"Whats wrong" i heard some say and i looked up to see issac. He sat on the wall with me and looked at me.

"Oh issac. What are you doing here" i asked

"Well i was going for a walk and was just heading home when i saw you. What happened" he asked and i sighed.

"Jorden said to me that i'm carlos's girlfriend. He heard us talking about the kiss and he thinks he needs to remind be that i'm carlos's girlfriend. But i'm not if i don't remember" i said and put my head on issac's shoulder

"Ignore it liya. Nobody can force you" he said and i smiled and nodded

"Rose" i heard carlos say and i sat up and looked at him

"Hey carlos" i said as he walked closer to me and held my face in his hands.

"What happened rose." He said and i moved my face.

"Nothing. I just needed a little fresh air." I said and he nodded

"Come on lets go back in" he said and i shook my head

"You go ahead. I'm going to stay with issac for a while" i said and carlos looked at issac for a long time and then nodded

"Ok" he said sighing and went back inside.

"He loves you you know" issac said

"What no he doesn't. And if he did how do you know" i asked him raising my eyebrow at him and he chuckled

"Its kind of obvious but i know how it is when you love someone" he said

"Who did you love" i asked and he chuckled

"My ex girlfriend Emma." He said and i nodded

"Where is she now. If you don't mind me asking" i said and he shook his head

"Shes moved now. It was 1 year ago when she cheated on me. It was her last day and i threw her a party. We were going to try a long distance relationship as well. When the party was over and only a few people were still there i went upstairs to find emma and another guy having sex. I broke up with her and she left. After that i never dated and here we are now" he said and i hugged him.

"She doesn't derserve you issac. Your a good guy" i said

"Thanks. And don't give up on carlos. He loves you i can tell" he said when i broke the hug.

"But i don't. I don't remember anything and i can't just say to him that i love him" i said and he shrugged.

"Liya. Do what you heart says. Easy." He said and i nodded

I don't know why i like issac. I mean i just met him for a project and like him already. I just don't understand i thought confused

"Hey liya. Are you okay" issac said

"Yeh. Just confused" i said

"Well i might be able to help you. Tell me why your confused" he asked and i sighed.

"I like you. And i'm just confused because i just met you." I said and he smirked

"Its okay liya. I like you too but not like that. I just think of you as a friend." He said

Wow friend zoned i thought and smiled

"Ok" i said

"Don't be sad. I mean at least give carlos a chance. He derserves that much. And if you don't remember anything, then its okay. Don't force yourself" he said and i nodded

If i can't remember then so what. It will be a new start i thought.
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So she likes issac. I mean he is hot but i like carlos better.
So will she follow her heart and what does her heart say.
Issac or carlos....


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