Painful Love Poems

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Here's a few short poems I wrote in a couple of minutes. I have others, but I don't like them. I'll upload more poems soon, and I'll probably upload IFTS, ILY which is my story, if you havent gathered that yet, later on today or tomorrow. Please comment + vote if you think I deserve it. Thanks everyone.

Love, Lexie


This Poem Is Un-named. Please help me think of a name!!

The tears I cry,

Might one day dry,

But the words I say,

Will always stay,

Because no matter how you feel,

I know this love is real.

As long as the sky is blue,

As long as I feel it's true,

I promise to love you.

The Love, The Pain, & The Hate

I've waited since forever,

but you never came,

you've torn me apart,

and now I'll never be the same.

Our love was never meant to be,

now it's only a distant dream and a memory.

For a while I was blinded,

your white light messed with my brain,

my heart felt nothing, but now it feels pain.

My world came tumbling down on me,

in a series of harsh words,

I shall never see the suns true light,

or hear the singing of the birds,

because the hurt you caused me,

was all bulit up inside,

and it kills me to think it's so easy for you,

to push my love aside.

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