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Everything in your life is a test. The more tests you take, the better you become.
Kids like us try to hide it and adults just don't know about it. This my friends is the place none other than school.

Byun Baekhyun was a 17 year old high schooler studying at one of Seoul's richest school's.
The boy had everything. The looks, the popularity, the friends. He also happened to be that kid who'd get jealous really easily, can't blame the guy anyway. But boy was he spoiled a lot by his parents. He knew he'd get whatever he asked for, knowing by the fact that his parents wouldn't object to it anyways.

Unlike other people his age, Baekhyun never believed in the saying 'Love at first sight'. "Love? What's so great about it anyways?" He'd chuckle coldly whenever his best friend Luhan tried talking to him. Baekhyun would get really sensitive, especially if the topic had anything to do with love.. The elder could only sigh in defeat, knowing that his words could never get through a thick headed teenager as Byun Baekhyun himself.

"You might not see it now, but when time comes you will understand what it truly means. What being loved feels like." Luhan would say every time, making sure his friend heard every single word before he left his own way.

Baekhyun would shrug, not caring less about his friend's words but instead wander around the corridors deep in his thoughts. If he did fear anything, it would be having to fall in love with someone. He wasn't very certain about having to deal with a broken heart and most certainly never wanted to deal with it in the first place.

This was how it was until one Thursday morning, everything changed right before him. The new kid who caught Baekhyun's eyes the second he walked into the room with a poker face had Baekhyun thinking to himself. 'Just what made this very guy so special that not a period gone by had both girls and guys drooling over him?'.

Oh Sehun, a 17 year old high schooler who'd just transferred to Seoul from his hometown was all set for a new start until his eyes caught a certain boy seated by the window with a blank expression staring right back at him. He's certain they wouldn't get along very well or so he thought..

What if the once cold stares the two shared turned to something warm and kind as time passed by? Would that change anything between the two?. Would forgotten memories the two shared in time return and help them remember the love they once shared meant so much more than anything else. Maybe it could. And maybe it will... Maybe it was time Byun Baekhyun took up that test.. The test that would tell him whether Oh Sehun was someone who could show him the meaning of being loved..

"Maybe we were... Meant to Be after all.."

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Ah okay... I know, not what you'd expected. XD Anyways, this is the first book I've written consisting of a different Ship. [Most of my books that I'm still working on are about HunHan.. :P].

I've been watching a few FMV's and SeBaek/BaekHun here caught my eye, so I kinda thought about it. Maybe?.. Okay fine!! I gave it a lot of thought but then decided to do it and well here I am, typing it out! Lol..

Kay guys! I hope you enjoy this book and support me through it.
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