Lesson 3#: Types Of Shy Guys

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Continuing with the story: I'm sorry this is so short, but I'm a GUY. It's just awkward to write this, so I'll leave it at that. Oh note: THIS STUFF MIGHT NOT EVEN BE TRUE!!!

Lesson 3#: Types of Shy Guys

They come in different types, each with different interest. Some into rock, others more into extreme sports, but all have a unique personality that’s unknown. These are some of the types of shy guys (I think) that there are out there. (I am STRAIGHT; I got help from Rosenose for this chapter just so you know.)

1. Rockers.

You know they wear band tees, and love listening to rock music (any kind), but deep down, there could be a soft side. They may seem like they want to be alone all the time, but you’ll never know. Guys like these could surprise you. They may seem quiet in public when there are tons in people,  but they shine brighter when they’re in their element of rock. Some might even transform on stage into the true hard core fans they are, or musicians. You’ll never know.

2. Genius.

Smart guys, they’ll probably the most shyest around a girl, often hiding behind their books and watching. Sure they may seem smart, but even they have SECRET CRUSHES (It pays to be observant). They can be sweet, writing poems for you that are really sweet and romantic, if they try. (Rosenose did this part) But NEVER just use them for work. (It’ll break their heart).

3. Skaters/ surfers (Some).

They act cool; they have nice hair and love the feeling of adrenaline. They may seem loud around their friends, but you’d never know how they really feel inside. You could learn a thing or two from them, and you’d be surprise how fun dates with them can be (Again, Rosenose). It’s like an adventure, there’s never a boring day with them outdoors, but if it rains, there’s always a nice movie indoors.

4. Artist.

Some people find it hard to express things in words, and there are those that can. But for those that can’t, they retreat to the visual arts like painting, or even song writing and singing. It’s like a release, it helps them express themselves. Everything they create always has a deeper meaning (OR NOT!!!), but it depends on how you look at it. Maybe you could talk about it with them, discuss emotions, what you think. Artist likes things like that, it helps them improve in their work, and they like having feedback from others.

5. Jocks (You’d never know).

Sure they’re obnoxious, loud and attention grabbing (the ones I know are), but on the inside, they could have that sensitive guy attribute. Maybe if you get to know them better, it might show more clearly because some guys are more caring than others, and those guys really do care about the things they love. They might not show it, but they do. Believe me. I know (not really…).

And that is all because this has got pretty awkward to write.

Next time: Lesson 4#: Asking them out.

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