Chapter 35

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I woke up to Carlos coming into my room.

"Hey" I said confused and sat up

"Hey Rose. I want to take you out today." He said

"But we have school" I said

"Were not going" he said smirking and I sighed

"Ok. I'll get ready but where are we going" I asked

"To my favourite place" he said and walked out the door.

Favourite place? I thought and got out of bed. I had a shower and got dressed in black jeans and a white top

When I was done I went downstairs to see Carlos waiting for me.

"You look beauitful. Come on" he said smirking at me and I nodded.

We sat in his car and he drove for 30 minutes and then we got to a forest.

"Why are we here Carlos" I asked and he smirked

"I want to help you" he said getting out the car.

I followed him out and he held my hand and we walked through the forest until we got to a cliff.

"Woah this is high Carlos. I'm scared of hights" I said and he shook his head and let go of my hand

"Your not scared Rose. Look you jumped off this cliff with me and you loved it." He said and walked towards the cliff

"Carlos be careful" I said to him

"And then you found me here drunk. Try to remember Rose. I was drunk here and you helped me" he said walking to a corner where some vodka bottles were kept

"I don't carlos. I don't remember" I said closing my eyes

"Try to remember Rose. This was my favourite place. I told you right. Over here you helped me and promised me you would go and see Celeste with me. Try to remember" he said and walked towards me

"Stop Carlos please" I said and he walked towards the cliff

"Come ove here and look down. This is the place we jumped from. And remember when you came out dressed in short clothes. I picked them remember" he said pointing at the trees

"Carlos. Stop. Why are you doing this" I shouted

"I'm trying to make you remember me Rose. We were so close and now were so far apart. You don't remember anything about me" he shouted and sat down on the floor

"Carlos. I can't just magically make my memory come back. I'll try with you. Theres nothing i want more in this world then to remember" I said and walked up to him

He got up and nodded

"Sorry for pressuring you" he said

"You say sorry a lot you know. Am i that important to you" i said smirking and then closed my eyes.

I had a flashback of me and Carlos and I said the same thing to him.

"Sorry" he said

"You say sorry a lot. Am i that important to you. Do you love me" I asked smirking as Carlos went and sat on my bed.

"Nope" he said smirking

"I will make you say it" i said sitting down next to him

" You have 2 months babe" he said

Flashback over.

"Rose. I'm taking you to the doctor" carlos said and picked me up bridal style and walked out the forest towards the car.

"I'm okay Carlos" I said and he shook his head.

"I'm taking you" he said and I shook my head

"No. I promise i'm okay. I just need to rest" I said and he sighed and nodded.

We sat in the car and carlos started driving home.

2 months for what? I thought and leaned on the window.
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