CHAPTER 25 | famous last words

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📎A/N ... Hello my lovelies.. I hope you weekend has gotten off to a wonderful start :-)

Well, I've managed to jinx myself...  I was interviewed by one of the lovely authors here on Wattpad, and one of her questions was how I dealt with writers block. 

I, without thinking of the consequences, said I really didn't suffer from it. 

And like fate trying to teach me a lesson for my 'famous last words' I promptly was afflicted with it... I have spent days staring at a blank page, willing the words to flow... and.... nothing.

After begging fate to forgive me for my rash words... I finally managed to get something out.

I hope you week has gone better than mine :-)

Take care

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Sydney's phone alarm went off at seven in the morning. Already up and dressed, she raced back to her bedroom to turn it off. After a restless night and a series of very erotic dreams, which featured a masked lover with grey eyes, she rolled out of bed well before dawn.

After ridding the apartment of the blaring sound, she headed back to her office and continued to troll through yesterday's' emails. Her mind took in less than half of what she was reading and she gave up on her attempt to catch up with her correspondence. She glanced at her watch and groaned. 7:05... nearly an hour to kill before she needed to meet Jackson.

This is ridiculous! she growled to herself and headed to the large windows overlooking the small park.

Outside the perimeter of the prestigious gated park, only accessible by a limited number of keys, dogs of various sizes were walking their owners. It never ceased to amaze her, how these animals and their walkers would battle the elements throughout the year for their morning constitutionals.

An elderly couple sitting on one of the benches in the park caught her attention. She smiled when she noticed the way the old man helped his equally frail wife up from the seat. As they walked, arm-in-arm towards the exit they began to laugh as if having just shared a joke. The devotion to each other was evident, even at this distance. The couple exited the park and walked in the direction she and Ethan had come down the previous evening.

A feeling of dread rose up and clutched at her heart, squeezing it until it became a physical pain. She was scared. The attraction to Ethan that had developed on Martha's Vineyard had returned in full force. As much as she wanted to deny it, push it away or lock it up, she couldn't.

With each conversation, she uncovered another layer to who he truly was. The person hidden behind the persona he presented to the outside world was a universe away from the man she was discovering lurked inside.

Sydney sighed and headed towards the kitchen. Thank God, it'll be a while before I bump into him again.

More to have something to do to keep her mind occupied, she spent the next forty-five minutes cleaning her already spotless fridge. Determined to keep her mind well away from the rabbit hole it was threatening to jump down. Once she was done, it didn't take long for Sydney to reach the coffee shop she had agreed to meet her brother at, and had already ordered a hot drink by the time he walked in.

"Sorry, I'm late. I had to call in at the office on the way," he said, as he sat down across from her.

She smiled. "It's not a problem. I've only just arrived myself."

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