Chapter 2~ The New Guy

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"Rise and shine, Buddy! Big day today!" David called. Lucas rolled out of bed, giving a yawn. His eyes then widened.

"Oh god," he muttered,"my nightmare is real."

He completed his morning rituals, and came downstairs. He was a little surprised to find Emery sitting at the kitchen table. She beamed a good morning, and Lucas smiled,"Morning...Aunt Em. Whatcha doing here?"

David gave his son a bright expression,"She's taking you to school, Champ."

Lucas almost threw up the breakfast he hadn't even eaten yet. His Aunt Emery driving him to school, in her neon pink Hello Kitty bug?

"Oh, awesome", he spoke up finally, trying to smile. Emery nodded,"I teach at the high school you know. We should definitely walk in together."

"Definitely",Lucas said, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. He mentally decided if he was going to get plunged into a toilet, it would wise to do on an empty stomach.

After breakfast, David gave his son a big hug. "Have a good day", he smiled in that fatherly way, one of the few smiles that could get through Lucas's self-made barricade.

Lucas returned the smile,"I'll try, Dad."

*  *

Lucas learned two things on his way to his new school.

(1) The deaf had better taste in music than his Aunt Emery.

(2) No matter where you are, California or Vermont, a Hello Kitty neon vehicle sticks out. Reminiscent of a bright green panda sweatshirt. 

Emery whipped into the student drop off in the front of the high school, the blaring 80s techno only being silenced by Lucas hurriedly opening the door. It was the lesser of two evils, stepping out of the vehicle, or hearing another boy band sing their hearts out.

He immediately adverted his eyes to the ground, shouldering the strap of his backpack. Lots of teenagers were walking into the school, the imminent return from Fall Break ever so welcoming.

Lucas thought he might be able to blend in with the crowd, go unnoticed, when suddenly Emery honked the horn, shouting and waving her arms. "Have a great day at school, Lucas-Poocus!"

He waved at her to signal she can drive to the teachers' parking lot, a negotiation he thought he had dealt with his aunt on the way. 'I would instantly be too popular if we walked in together, Aunt Em. I want to make my own identity first before people know we're related.' Man, that didn't work out as I hoped it would, Luke mentally cursed.

Lucas stepped inside the school, following the students being herded into the gymnasium. His palms already were sweaty, and he already could hear people behind him whispering in between laughs Lucas-Poocas

He sat down on the least populated set of bleachers, and found himself looking for Claudia. Although deep down he knew she wouldn't be here, he couldn't stop himself from scanning the different kids. 

He frowned, he didn't fit in much in this place. His spiky ashy brown hair and pale blue eyes stuck out between the many black-headed guys with darker eyes. Great, he thought, this day gets better and better

Someone shook him from his thoughts, a tall blond guy sitting beside him. He obviously was a football player, with short cropped hair and muscled arms. He was at least a foot taller than Lucas, and that was saying something considering Lucas wasn't exactly short. He gave a bright grin,"Hey, so you're the new guy!"

Lucas nodded,"Hi, I'm Lucas."

The guy shook his hand with a bit too much enthusiasm, crushing his hand,"Nice to meet you. I'm Aidan. So, how you liking it here so far?"

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