Ch8. Never liked her

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Sophia's PoV

After shutting up that jerk ..Me and boys went to school. Was his politeness fake? He really wanted to talk to me? Well...I am attractive now.. Why wouldn't he approach me!

"What are you thinking ..Sophia?"
Jack asked me while grabbing a big bite of the burger.

"The jerk came to talk to me in the morning." I replied. Everyone was looking at me.

"Ooo..that's interesting... What he did? Jiva asked.

"Umm nothing guys..he was just starting a conversation politely."


"But I didn't want to talk so I yelled at him." I said looking down.

"No comments." Jack said taking last bite of his burger.

"I don't know but the truth is I wanted to move away from him. Being close to him makes my wolf weak. So Its better I stay away from him in one way or another." I explained.

"Its okay Soph, it happens. The mate bond." Jack said. Chase looked at me with concern.

Suddenly Bryan came to our table.

He said," Guys, there's party in our Farm house near the pack house. You all are invited. You all will have fun."

He took a quick glance at me.

"Sure, we'll be there." Jordan replied. Bryan nodded and left us.

I quickly mind linked him.

"Jordan.. But I wanted to visit Luke tonight."

"Oo fuck, I'm sorry I forgot. Umm.. You can spend some time in party and then you can meet Luke. I'll take care of the rest."

I nodded.

I didn't see Alex today. May be busy because of Alpha work. But why should I care? May be mate bond.

I was at my lockers when I heard the voices of crying and laughing.
I looked at the near corridor. I walked forward and saw two boys bullying a girl. One was commenting on her clothes and other was snatching her bag. She was protesting but crying. I couldn't see her like this. That's what used to happen with me.

"Leave her alone." My voice roamed in corridor.

Three of them looked at me and the boys started laughing.

"You think you can stop us." One of them said looking at me up and down.

"I not only think but will do that." I grabbed one of the boy's collar and pushed him to the floor.

The other one got angry and said, "You stay out of this, chicka. Its none of your business."

I shook my head.

Both of them came towards me to attack but Chase's voice came from behind me.

"Man, If I were you, I wouldn't think of doing that." He said leaning on the wall.

But they didn't listen him and came on me. I quickly punched both of them on faces. And in a few seconds both of them were thrown on floor by me.

I grabbed the books and bag and handed to the girl.

"Hey, stop crying. Your tears are provoking them more to trouble you. Next time, shut them up." I patted her shoulder.

She nodded and said," Thank you."

"Sophia." I said while taking out my hand for shaking.

She took my hand and said her name," Zara." I smiled.

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