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Hermione pov

I wake with the sun shining in through the window of my bedroom as I hear a tap at my window. I get up out of bed to the window and and owl props itself on the chair of my desk. I take the letter off its leg as it gestures for me to take it off. As I sit and open the letter I give the owl a treat as it waits.I open the letter as read:

Dear Ms. Granger,

This is in regards of the return of you to Hogwarts Wizarding school. I would like to inform you on the return of your repeat of your seventh year at Hogwarts.

Once you have received this letter please reply back whether or not you are to return or not to Hogwarts.

In other words I am so grateful to tell you that this year I have chosen you as head girl this year. The head boy is Draco Malfoy. Inclosed are all of your equipment that you will need for head girl duties and the head girl badge.

Sincerely, headmistress Mcgonnagll

I am beyond overjoyed by the news of me being head girl but am shocked to see Draco bloody Malfoy is going to be head boy. Why on earth would Mcgonnagll make Malfoy head boy, known as a former death eater.

Dear Professor Mcgonnagll,

I am glad to inform you that I have accepted to my return to Hogwarts this year to the repeat of my seventh year.

Best regards, Hermione Granger

~time lapse~train station 9 3/4


Hey, all wattpad readers sorry this update is really short I just wanted to get straight to the train station part where all the important things happen but I will be updating soon and the next update won't be short and I hope you like my dramoine story, I just didn't want my story to be the same as all the other dramoine fan fictions are so enjoy and comment and don't forget to like!!!!!!!

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