Deadly Affairs- Chapter 12

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                Everything felt like it was in slow motion, especially when I was walking to his office and I loved every minute of it. From the second I entered my boss’ office, the surprised look he had on his face when he saw me standing there, I fed on it and it fueled me even more. His demeanor went back to the normal, arrogant, cocky way.

“What are you doing back here Fuentes? Want to get a head start on all your work I have planned for you tomorrow?” he smirked at me. I walked up to the front of his desk and just gave a slight chuckle to his remark then stopped and gave him a blank stare. I picked up the stapler on his desk and quickly smashed it against his skull, knocking him unconscious. I took off the jacket to my suit then began unpacking my equipment and sitting it on his desk. I put on a pair of disposable gloves, taped his arms to each armrest on the chair with duct tape, wrapped a large amount of tape around his body to the back of the chair then taped his legs together and also put a piece of tape over his mouth. Once I had everything set I crouched down in front of him and slapped his face with a little force to wake him up.

“Glad you could join the party.” I smiled, standing up. He realized he was taped up and began to panic trying to squirm. “Don’t waste your time. Even if you did manage to get out you wouldn’t be able to get to the door in time.” I stood there looking at him and he stopped moving.

“So let’s get this started, shall we?” I picked up the pliers and walked closer to him. “Where is the journal?” I said getting close to his face. He began to mumble something but I couldn’t understand because of the tape over his mouth so I took it off. “Say again?”

“Have you lost your mind?!” he said loudly.

“You didn’t answer my question.” I sighed grabbing his index finger and quickly bending it back with the pliers, breaking it. I could actually hear it make a cracking sound. He screamed out in agony. “Do you want to answer now?”

“It’s in the safe over there in the corner! Holy fucking shit!” he said quickly. I looked over and saw the safe.

“What’s the code?” I asked calmly.

“16, 49, 20.” he said with his teeth clenched together. His finger must be really hurting. I walked over to the safe and put in the code. When I jiggled the handle it didn’t open.

“Wrong combination.” I got up from the safe and walked over to him pushing him towards the desk. “Now we were having fun but you’re starting to be difficult which isn’t fun so...” I picked up the butcher knife and grabbed his hand, placing it on the desk and quickly chopping off the same finger I broke. He screamed even louder than before and blood immediately started spurting out his finger.

“Whoa, we have a bleeder.” I joked. I looked down and noticed some blood got on my shirt so I put the knife down and backed up. “If I knew you’d be squirting blood everywhere I wouldn’t have worn my nice work suit. I have to go in to work tomorrow because my boss is a dick but don’t tell him I said that, he might fire me” I smirked loosening up my tie and rolling up my sleeves.

“Now what’s the combination?” I asked again.

“It’s what I told you.” He kept groaning and whimpering from the pain of just having his finger cut off.

“I’m just gonna put this tape back over your mouth. We wouldn’t want security coming up would we?” I slapped his face playfully; smiling after I put the tape back over his mouth. I tried the combination one more time and it opened this time. “Well I guess I put it in wrong the first time.” I said turning around with the journal in my hand. He started to mumble again so I took the tape halfway off.

“What are you trying to say?”

“You have the book now let me go.” He said. I put the tape back over his mouth and chuckled.

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