Shower Time part 2

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You lean in closing the small space between you two. You graze the bottom of his lips with yours and whisper "The water is gonna get cold..." You pull away and open the shower curtain. He is just standing there in disbelief. A girl just rejected him. He blinks a few times and looks up to you. Smirking, you step into the shower. It is not long before he joins you. You close your eyes and let your hair fall under the warm water. You run your hands through your H/C hair. As you open your eyes, Dean is just gazing at you, your body more specifically. "Switch?" He nods and you shimmy to the other side, your bodies almost touch but you can feel his warmth. You turn away from him to pick up your soap, but it slips and falls to the floor. You bend over slowly not wanting to slip. As you stand back up you can feel how close Dean has gotten to you. You can not help but lean back into him. His braud, warm chest touches your back and sends shivers all over. He grabs your hair and moves it to the side over your shoulder. His hand gently runs from your neck all the way down to just above your butt. A gasp leaves your mouth and you hear a small chuckle from behind you.

He is having too much fun with this. Lets show him who is in control. You turn around to face him and place your hands around his neck and let them slowly trace all the way past his shoulders, muscle arms, his lower stomach and back up to his chest. You look up into his eyes. Shivers run through your body from the cold. Goose bumps appear all over you. "You are cold, come here sugar" He opens his welcoming arms to you. Screw this dominant thing you were cold. You pressed your body to his. So warm and comforting. This felt so right. Your bodies connected perfectly, like a puzzle. His arms felt safe, like home. You never really had one of those, so this was refreshing. He lightly squeezed you and laid his chin on your head. You arms snake around his core and clasp on his back. The cold was gone now, only comfort and bliss was left.

In the heat of the moment, you look up into those gleaming green eyes. He looks so peaceful. As if in sync, your faces moved closer. He closes the gap and your lips connect like magnets. It was a soft and caring kiss. Mouths moving together and creating magic, you felt something in your heart light up. The small kisses became passionate and hungry. His tongue explored your mouth in all the right ways. One hand holding your face, running down to your throat. The other wrapped around your hips pulling you close. He wanted you as much you wanted him, hungry lip locks and small moans filled the room. You gently bit his bottom lip and he groaned.

He picked you up and your legs wrapped around him. Your private space was pressed against him and you felt him twitch. He opened the shower and turned off the water. You held him tight as he walked you to your room. Against his body you were so warm. His strong arms laid you on the bed. He pulled away and gazed into your eyes. "Is this, really what you want?" You shift to the middle of the big bed. "More than anything." He smiles lovingly and crawls on top of your body to straddle you. He places soft kisses from your jaw and trails to your neck. You wrap your arms around his neck, breathing heavy. His full, pink lips sucked and nibbled on just the right spots. He knew your body better than you did at this point. You could feel the bellow getting warmer and intense. His hard member rubs against you and he grunts. His head slithers down to your breasts. He gently nibbles the top teasing you. Gasps flow through you exciting him further.

The warmth of his tongue drawing circles around your hard nipples sent shocks through to your core. Your head leans back in bliss, exposing your neck. As he attempts to move back to your neck, you snake around him and end up straddling Dean. His eyes got slightly wider as you sat on top of him, letting your warm space push against him. You lean down to kiss him and it creates friction between you legs. involuntarily, a moan escapes your lips. You bit your bottom lip trying to control it. His erection twitches under you. You kiss him passionately, grinding your hips against his pulsing member and he grabs on to your sides. Your clit is being so simulated you feel yourself coming close to orgasm. Your breathing becomes more rapid and more gasps come out. "I'" you stutter. "Cum for me baby." He says in a deep raspy voice. That's all it took. A few more moves and you felt it hit you. You gasped and slowed down as moans flow from you. He sits up and holds you close as you finish. Your eyes open to him biting his bottom lip. You regain your breath. "Your turn."

HAHAHAH GUESS WHO IS BACK?! Sorry guys, so much happened while I was gone and I couldn't continue. But I'm back! Nice to leave you guys with a cliff hanger. All your reads, stars, and comments really mean a lot!!! Thanks!

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