Chapter Two

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It's been about 3 days and I've been staying in hotel after hotel. Sometimes even on the streets.

Now, I'm closer to home and I'm closer to Charming.

I'm currently driving on the freeway to Charming. I hear my prepay ringing and pull over. I then answer it.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Elena!" My ma's voice booms.

"Ma." I say.

"Where are you?! Jimmy said he went by the house to find you and you were no where to be found! That there were bullet holes everywhere and blood! Your father is going bloody nuts!" Ma booms.

"I'm fine, ma. I just... I'll explain soon, okay?" I say.

"When?! Where are you?!" She asks.

"Ma, I'll tell you soon. I promise." I say.

"Elena Scarlett Larkin-Telford, don't you da--"

I hang up before she could finish. I sigh then get back on my bike and drive off.


"Ugghhh! That damn girl!" Fiona says.

"What?" I ask.

"She hung up! I don't know where she is!" She says.

She then sits next to Kerrianne.

"Is Lena gonna be okay?" Kerrianne asks.

Fiona and I look at each other. Kerrianne was looking at us and the guys and women of the club.

"She's gonna be fine, darlin'. We're gonna find your sister and bring her to you." Jax says, beatin me to it.

"Promise?" Kerrianne asks.

Jax smiles.

"Promise." He says.

She smiles and he gets up and walks over to me.

"Thank you, brother." I say.

"Always. Poor girl doesn't need to be scared even more." He says.

"I just need to have my other little girl, Jackie boy." I say.

He nods.

"You'll have her with you soon, Chibs." Clay says.

"She's my first born, man." I say.

"Hey." Opie says and we all turn to him.

"You're little outlaw isn't going anywhere. We're gonna find her and we're gonna bring her to you." He says.

I nod. We then go in the clubhouse.


I stop at a stoplight and then see a cop car about a car behind me. Great.

The light turns green and I drive off and then go in the direction of the club and so does the cop car.

I pull up to the clubhouse and stop as an armed Son comes over to me.

"Name and affiliation." He says.

"Letty. Daughter of a Son." I say.

"Which one?" He asks.

"Chibs." I say.

He nods at someone and the gates open as I see the guy questioning me run off to the clubhouse.

I slowly drive in the clubhouse and then park by the cars. I then take off my helmet and put it on my bike.


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