Ray Ray Freaky Imagine (Starring You .! )

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You And Ray Ray . Were In The House By Yourselfs Because Everybody Else Went Out To Eat Or Whatevr .


You : Raay Im Bored 

Ray Ray : What You Want Me To Do About That That 

You: have Fun With Me Let's have  Fun

Ray Ray: Ok What Do You Wanna Do ?

You : Lets Go And get In The Pool Or Something 

Ray Ray: Ok Lets Go Put On Our Bathing Suits

You: Ight

So Yall Went To Put On Yall Bathing Suits . And Got Inside The Pool . And Yaall Started Swimming When Raay Came Under The Water While You Were Swimming And Scared You . To Death So You Got mad at Him

You: Oh My God Why You Do That Shiddt Raay 

Ray Ray : Aww Im Sorry Baby Come Here

You: So You Went 

So he Gave You A Kiss . And then Everything Started Getting Passionate . When he Stopped

Ray Ray: You Want It

You: Yea

So He Pulled Your Bathing Suit Top Down And Started Kissing Your neck . When You Let Out A Small Moan . When he Met Your Weak Spot . Then He Took Off Your Bottoms And Threw Them Out Of The Pool And Started Putting His Fingers Between Your Lips And Rubbing Back And Forth . Then Finnally He Just Put His Long Skinny Finger In And Fingered You In And Out . Making You Moan Harder And Louder Then . Yall Got Out And He Took Off His Shorts . You Were Like . "Dayuummm" . So Then He Put You On The Island And Started Eating You Out With His Long Tongue . Putting It Deeper And Deeper Inside You . Making Your Legs Shake . And Making You Bit You Bottom Lip . Then He Said . " Bae You Ready" . Yea . You Said . Then Yaall Got On The Couch And He Lift You Leg And Stuck It In Thrusting in And Out Slowly Making You Moan A Lil . " Damn Bae You Tight " . He Said . Then He Started Going In Deeper And Deeper Inside Your Twat . And You Moaned A Little Louder This Time Then Yaal Stood Up And He Made You Bend Down And Touch Your Toes And He Put It Back In And Started Going In Harder And Deeper . Making You Moan Louder And Louder . . And He Stopped And He laid On The Couch And You Got On Top Of Him And You Started Riding Him . And he Put His Hands On Your Hips And You Pushed Them Away . You Put Your hands On His Chest Feeling Everything On Top . " Ohhhhh Raay Fuck This Little Pussy " . You Said . "Aw Shit" . He Said Groaning . Then You Started Playing With Him And With Every Thrust You Pulled Off And On Again And . He Was Getting Mad . " Stop Playing With Me YN" . he Said . Then He Got On The Floor And He Got Up On His Hands And Feet Like A Crab And You Sat On Top Of Him . And Started Riding Him Again . Bouncing Up And Down Making You Moan Even More And More . "Aww Yeaaa Raayyyy Ohhhhh . You Moaned Loudly . Then Yall Stopped And he Layed On The Floor And You Sat On His Face And he Ate You Out While . He Grabbed Your Titties And . You Moaned . Ahh Raay Baby Ima About To Cum " . You Moaned . " Go Ahead " . He Said . Then You Came All In His Mouth . And He Licked It All Up And You And Him Got Finished And Yall Went Upstairs And Took A Shower And You put On One Of His Jerseys And Yall Went Downstairs And Fell Asleep 


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