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Elena Scarlett Telford.
24 years old.
Born on October 31st in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In and out of trouble with school and the law.
Started getting in trouble at the age of 4.
Got worse by the time age 8 came around.

Very close to mother, biological father, and sister.

Tomboy, troublemaker, mixed martial artist, etc.
Trained to do medical assistance.

Trained to use guns, knives, etc.
Trained in Boxing; Kickboxing; Karate; Kung Fu; Muay Thai; Taekwondo; Judo; and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Has many nicknames from biological father and the club.

Has a scar straight down her right eye from her first inter gender fight at school when she was 13.

First time in juvy was at the age of 13.

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