"You should be." he whispered into my ear, his body grinding against mine as he roughly pulled my hair back and left hot, wet kisses on my neck.

Marcel started sucking on my neck as he whispered into my hair.

"You're so fucking beautiful." he whispered as he turned me around again.

I smirked mischievously as I looked down at his tight skinny jeans. His bulge was very noticeable, even in the dim light that was coming from the small space between the floor and the door.

"You look so uncomfortable in those tight jeans of yours." I whispered seductively as I let my hand trail down his arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps. I heard him suck in a breath as I let my hand travel down.

Crouching, I lightly touched his bulge through his pants, causing him to harden even more. I rested my hand over it, before rubbing hard on his dick. Marcel moaned softly, trying to be as quiet as possible. I suddenly stopped, causing Marcel to groan.

I slowly undid his jean button and zipper. I pulled down his skinny jeans until they were at his shoes.

I pressed hard onto his member through his briefs, causing Marcel to moan out.

I grabbed the band of his briefs and made them go down as slow as possible.

"Dammit, Rose! Quit teasing!" Marcel said impatiently. I smirked at him and pulled his briefs all the way down, his member springing up.

I grabbed it softly, licking the tip slowly.

"Mmmm" he moaned, closing his eyes as I fit what I could into my mouth and sucking ever so slowly.

His hips bucked forward as I started going faster, my hands massaging his balls.

With Marcel's moans encouraging me to go faster, I sucked as hard and fast as I could.

"Mmmm, Rose." he roughly grabbed a hold of my hair and started thrusting in and out of my mouth, his hand pulling my hair, making me go faster.

"F-fuck. I'm... I'm going to cum." he moaned, thrusting faster, making me gag. He obviously liked it, as I felt something warm shoot into my mouth. A few seconds later, Marcel came down from his high as he took his dick out of my mouth. He pulled roughly on my hair again as he leaned down, his eyes locking with mine once again.

"Swallow it." he demanded. I quickly obliged and swallowed. He quickly pulled his briefs and skinny jeans up, seeming completely satisfied.

"Good girl." he smirked as he pushed me onto the cold ground.

Hovering on top of me, he whispered "I want to take you right now, in this closet, so bad."

My eyes widened.

I wasn't ready.

I wasn't ready to lose my virginity.

Not yet.. It just didn't feel right.

"But I'll wait." he said as I sighed in relief. His mouth found mine as he started to make out with me. It wasn't like those other times, when it was rough. He was doing it passionately.

I kissed back, feeling sparks, no, fireworks.

His lips felt so right.

Oh, so right.

We both jumped as we heard the bell, signalling that lunch was over. Marcel got off of me and helped me up. He opened the door.

With my luck, there were a few people outside, walking.

Marcel and I walked out of the closet, earning some surprised stares.

'Fuck,' I thought, 'now everyone is going to think I'm some easy whore who just fucked Marcel in a JANITOR'S closet.'

Marcel glanced at me seriously, before walking off in another direction.

Gosh, what's with him and his sudden mood changes?

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