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Chris raced from the bathroom to his bedroom after the quickest shower in history. After the celebrations that afternoon at work Eric invited Chris to dinner and Chris couldn't wait. He was so excited but when he finally arrived home at six thirty, after battling peak hour traffic, he only had an hour before Eric would be there to pick him up.


Chris glanced at the clock under pressure to be ready on time. With wardrobe doors wide open, Chris stared at the variety of shirts before choosing the lilac to compliment the charcoal pants. Black belt to make his appearance neat and tidy, Chris hurried back to the bathroom to style his hair.


Happy with his appearance, Chris gave himself a wink in the mirror before cleaning up the vanity and putting out clean towels. Back in the lounge room, Chris glanced around nervous yet excited about his date with Eric. Unable to convince himself it was happening, Chris struggled to stand still.


Chris walked from the bedroom to the lounge room and back, convinced he had forgotten something before remembering his coat.


In the kitchen, Chris tidied the kitchen table and the notes scattered down one end. As much as he wanted to show Eric the effort he had gone to, Chris collected up everything and stacked them neatly on the corner of the counter for another time.


Back into the lounge room Chris inspected the shelves for dust. Big mistake, the finger mark left in the dust now bothered Chris and he was left cleaning the shelves. Rather than pulling all the books out, Chris wiped what could be seen but made a mental note to clean them better another day.


The house was too quiet. Chris turned on the small radio located on the counter dividing the kitchen and lounge room.


Hunger started to gnarl at Chris. He'd not eaten anything at the afternoon farewell party to distracted to think of food. Now, food was all Chris considered. If Eric asked Chris for suggestions, Chris could make several, and another glance at the clock told Chris he wouldn't have to wait much longer.


Chris moved to the lounge window are peered outside. The evenings grew cool heading into winter and Chris wondered if he should take an extra jacket. A car drove past the house and Chris listened as it faded down the street. Shouldn't be too much longer, he thought.


Chris considered the possibility of asking Eric to stay the night. Not sure if it was too soon. It might be considered too soon, yet Chris didn't think so. Perhaps his pining for Eric had pushed him to desperation. This had Chris questioning the state of the bed and if he had supplies if Eric did chose to stay. Back to the bedroom, Chris checked the bed; neat and inviting. The sheets had been change when he had been ill the week before and Chris thought not to change them again until maybe the following morning. It made sense.


As far as supplies went, Chris checked the bedside drawer. Lube – check, condoms – check, handcuffs – check, gags – check. Perhaps the accessories should be hidden for now, he didn't know what type of kinks the good doctor had and he certainly didn't want to scare Eric away.


Chris took the handcuffs and gags and put them in his sock drawer. Happy with how his room looked, Chris returned to the lounge room.

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