"Why do you care? He's not your crush, unless...he is" Delilah smirks

"That's not even funny" I gag, "oh god, I think I'm going to throw up" I cover my mouth as if vomit would spill out.

"Oh yeah, I totally forgot, you like to bring random boys home instead of actually getting yourself a boyfriend" Delilah smiles, knowing she got me there.

"At least I get action" I brag.

The thing is, everyone at my school automatically thinks I'm not a virgin.

My sister even thinks I'm not a virgin, because of my reputation, and since some of the boys in my year have "claimed" they slept with me, but in real life they haven't, they were just too drunk to even know I only took them to a bedroom so they don't put themselves in danger.

  Why would I let them tell false information? Because I'm a really nice person and sleeping with me is like a 10 on the reputation scale...

Ha! That was a lie, let them live their glory for about a day, it's old news by the end of the day anyways.

"Go to your room" Delilah chuckles, lightly pushing me towards the stairs.

"Yes, mother" I walk upstairs and into my room.

"You better not be smoking up there either! You don't want to end up like mom!" Delilah yells from downstairs.

My mom was the most sweetest person on the planet, she died of lung cancer from smoking, cliché right?

I don't usually smoke.

I know earlier today I did, I occasionally smoke, now, it's kind of something I do to relieve stress, I guess I got that from my mother. I don't think it's cool or anything, I think I just did it because my mom did.

My phone vibrates in my pocket. I get a text from my best friend, Heather.

H- Hey, party at Sam Morris' house tonight, you wanna go?

C- Sure

H- Mk, pick you up at 6?

"Delilah! I'm going to a party tonight! Wanna come?" I yell, rolling out of bed to get myself ready.

"No thanks, I'm hanging out with Malarie! And be home by 10!" She calls back.

"It's Friday though!" I complain.

"You snuck out Wednesday night, so I'm giving you a curfew" Delilah walks into my room, leaning against the doorframe of my room.

"Fine, I'll be home by eleven" I huff.

"Ten" Delilah says sternly.

"Fine" I cross my arms and pout

"I have to get ready now" I walk to grab my door handle signaling I need her to move to close my door.

By the time I'm done getting ready, Heather is in her car waiting for me.

"Bye Delilah!" I yell as I exit the house.

I get into Heather's car and say "I have to be home by ten."

"Alright... I wouldn't want Della's panties in a twist..." Heather pulls out of the driveway.

We pull into Sam's driveway, I hear music blaring, when we enter the house it's like a stereotypical party like in the movies, where there's tons of alcohol, people making out and the adrenaline.

"Heather, Carter! You made it!" Sam hands us a bottle of beer

"Down it!" Heather yells over the loud music

"Bottoms up" Sam smiles as they chug our beer until it's completely empty.

I'm more of a "I'll pace myself, but I'll get shitfaced drunk as well."

About an hour later, Heather went off with a guy in our grade and I'm with Sam, rambling about whatever until he kisses me, it gets a bit heated, but then Heather pulls me away and slurs "Carter, come on, your sister wants you home"

When I get home, I don't do a good job at being quiet as I knock over things on my way to the stairs.

You're drunk!" Delilah shrieks

"No shit, what do you expect at a high school party? Us to be drinking juice boxes?" I roll my eyes.

"You're so grounded!" Delilah angrily yells.

"You can't ground me!" I yell back.

"Yes I can!" Delilah shoves me toward the stairs.

"You're not my mom so you can't tell me what to do!" I push back.

"Well I surely feel like I am if I have to tell you to do everything!" Delilah yells, she pushes me so I fall on the first step of the stairs

"Well you can't be my mom, you never will! She's dead! Remember!" I yell even louder getting up.

"Go to your room!"

"What the fuck do you think I'm trying to do?" I say midway up the stairs.

My sister always bosses me around and it's not even fair, whenever I tell her something she never listens! Sisters are so annoying... aren't we supposed to have some special bond or some shit?


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