Note to my readers

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Thank you so much for choosing this and my many stories to read. In the meantime while I finish updating Sweet Surrender and Misplaced Angel I have decided to give a little treat while you wait.

As an appreciation for all of the votes and wonderful comments, I want to give an Early Valentines day gift from me to you. I have decided to fully load my first story "The Marquess and The Rose" that is published on Amazon and Smashwords here on Wattpad for a limited time until February 14, 2016 at Midnight....

With that said.....

I invite you to step into a world of sensual bliss, heartache and the undying love of two souls destined to be together.

Your comments would mean the world to me, let me know what you think...

Your votes humble me and give me the greatest joy and I thank you for each and everyone of them.

Included is my wattpad book trailer:

The Marquess and The Rose (Wattpad novel):


Happy Early Valentines Day!!!!!



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