Chapter 10

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Reader's POV

When I woke up I looked at the clock. '8:00' it read. I had a good dream. About Fairy Tail that is. Honestly, you loved Fairy Tail.

You used to be such a leader, and a grumpy one at that. You were always focused on training so you were the strongest. Something was missing, but you didn't care.

That is until you met Fairy Tail. But there was something you forgot. You had to leave.

Sighing, and maybe a tear you grabbed your belongings and went for the door. You put a surprisingly shaky hand in the knob.

Your heart said to stay, but your mind said to go. Unfortunately, for some reason you listened to your mind. You had only a few days to study the group. You walked out to the streets.

Grabbing a piece of paper and a pencil you wrote a note. It read;

Dear Fairy Tail, I only had a few days to be here, so therefore I need to leave. Thank you for everything.


You left the note and headed to the mountains. When you arrived there was a cave with vines covering the entrance, as if family was protecting it.

You walked in the cave to be greeted by a surprisingly beautiful smell like roses and a amazing pool. It looked like it had natural water lights. It was glowing different beautiful vibrant colors.

You set down your luggage and lied on a rock.

You sing a song when you have a weird emotion you can't explain and don't even think about the lyrics.

So you sang the song and fell asleep.


Sorry it took so long! I was out sick and my throat hurt I know that's not a good excuse but still I'm so sorry!

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