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Right, don't ask me why it's all so big up here(ok, I copied and pasted it from one of my stories on Microsoft Word) But anyway, tell me what you think, any ideas? Oh,and vote fan comment, all the rest of it. Thanks for reading!! Bye,  Charlotte.


Chapter 1

It was eleven forty two am on Sunday the fourteenth of August two thousand and four, that twelve year-old Connie Anne Jane Greene was kidnapped. The last sighting of her was her leaving the Cost-Cutters on Weybridge Street, wearing a green tee-shirt and faded jeans with pink, white and blue Nike airs, carrying a black messenger bag and a blue plastic bag. At five twenty one pm the next day that a blue plastic bag containing bread and milk and Connie’s bag, containing a Nokia, set of keys and wallet containing three pounds two pence, a library card and an ID card to prove it was Connie’s, dumped at the mouth of an alley way near the motorway.

She has Brown curly hair to her shoulders, light brown eyes and freckles. She is around five foot six inches, slim, and has the build of an athlete. Although she is tall, she is very young in the face, and not very developed. Sensible, smart and mature she is though when it comes to safety and security, so we know she did not willingly go, but put up a fight, as blood was also found where her bags were, tests confirming it was her blood. She is kind-natured and has never been a trouble at home or school, nor bullied, so this comes upon us as a horrific puzzle as to why our Connie was abducted.

This is the homepage for Find Connie, and we need your support, spirit, donations, determination and outright help to fight and get her back. So please, do so and get this beautiful child out of this awful, monstrous, distressing act of crime.

~David Ashley Greene~

“David? Come away from the computer, dear,” My wife, Helen asked. When I carried on staring glassy-eyed at the screen, she came over and burst into tears when her eyes fell upon what I had just written. It had been a month ago that our daughter, Connie, had been abducted. The only leads the police could get were that she had been taken by an unknown immigrant gang, known in other countries for taking girls hostage and abusing them in all sorts of ways. A tear fell onto my neck and down the back of my shirt.

I looked up to see Helen shaking while she stared at the computer document I had been writing. The police had said that they would work on the case, but the outlooks didn’t look promising, so I decided to take some matters into my own hands, and thought that if other people around the country and even the world where things similar to this have happened, they could help. How could they help? After spending night’s laying awake, thinking about nothing, logic kicked in and ideas formed in my head, till I thought about the perfect one, a website.

If we had a website, people could post information, what they had seen, how the gangs work, similar activities and cases, what happens, anything that will help could be heard of and put to use if we had one, so that is what I decided to create. A week later and I had the warrant, licences and programs to set up my website to find Connie. The abduction of Connie had been posted in the local paper, and soon became nation-wide news, so the website should catch on quickly and people will be able to help. With the website finished and typed up, all I had to do was launch it.

Helen finished reading, bursting into another wave of tears. “Do you think it’s okay Helen?” I asked, worried, but at the same time exited to help find my missing daughter.

“It’s p-perfect, honey. I-I just hope it-it works. And, and she comes b-b-b,” She said, her voice rough from crying, but not being able to finish, because more sobs erupted from her, her breath hitching and hiccupping in places. I couldn’t help it any longer. Even though a grown man shouldn’t cry, it was impossible not to in a situation like this, and so the tears and sobs began to hack away at me, my face showing how terrible and broken I was, and how hopeless I felt that I couldn’t help my Connie, who was God knows where, having God knows what happening to her. I just hope my baby gets out of this.