Five: Without You

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The song above is Without You,play it when I tell you to,or don't.

(Your POV)

Ah time to wake up- what's wrapped around me! What oh it's Ross. I nuzzled into his chest as he woke up. "Good morning Ross" I said as I got up from his bed. "Good morning bea-(y/n)" Ross said getting up as well.

"So what should we do?" I asked. Alesa was sick so Adam was talking care of her. "I guess we can just drive around town" I suggested. "Yeah that sounds fun" Ross replied.

As we drove around and looked at all the different houses and just enjoyed the beautiful city we decided to put on the radio. Without You came on the radio. (Play Song) We sang along to the song even though we sucked at singing but we didn't care. After the some other songs played but one song kept coming up, Without You.

"Ross what are we doing here?" I asked as he pulled up into a parking space to the mall. "Oh well I thought maybe you would want to buy something" Ross answered. "No Ross you don't have to buy me anything, I forbid you" I demanded. "Hm...Nope" he said as he picked my up bridal style and brought me to a dress shop. "Ross...." I said giving him a glare. "What" he asked. "Nope" I said quickly as I grabbed his hand and pulled him to Hot Topic.

"You can pick out anything here" I said crossing my arms. "Why?" He asked." Because you need someone to buy you something for a change" I answered. "fine but I'm buying you something as well" he said.

Ross bought some anime cards and a beanie, well Ross didn't buy it I did. "ok now I'm gonna buy something for you, so what do you want?" Ross asked. "Well.." I dragged him to bath and body and picked out one hand sanitizer.

"Really, you spent $26.53 on me and I spend $1.75 on you?" He asked crossing his arms. "Yup" I said smile. "Fine" I said as he handed the lady 2 one dollar bills.

On the way home Without You was playing again. "Hey (y/n)?" Ross asked. "Yeah?" I asked. "I was uh wondering if you would like to be my g-girlfriend?" Ross asked. "Yes! I mean sure bro" I said trying to hide my excitement.

Omg guys sorry if that was bad, that's about it Bye❤️❤️!!!!

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