-Chapter 1-

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(y/n)-Your first name

(e/c)-Eye colour

(h/c)-Hair colour

(s/t)-Skin tone

(a/c)-Any colour

(f/c)-Favourite colour

(h/l)-Hair lenght

This might contain Japanese words,all the translations/explanations will be in the end of every chapter

All flashbacks will be written like this

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[y/n]'s POV

"Oneesan!Look!" Akira yelled from a tree,wind was blowing through her carnanation pink hair,she had streched both of her arms out to keep balance.

I picked up another branch from the ground and raised my eyes,placing them steadily on Akira."Get down,you might fall!" I called out,my tone rather nervous.

She crossed her arms and put a pout on her face.

"You're not fun at all oneesan!"

Another bad dream.

It doesn't seem bad,does it?For me it does,it hurts me to see her.Akira was never my sister,I'm a yokai and she was a human.

Exactly.She was.

I slowly opened my eyes and raised my head from my shoulder.I had fallen asleep on a tree-branch again.I felt safer there.

I carefully massaged the right side of my neck which was hurting because I had been in the same position for too long.

After that I rested my back and my head against the tree,letting out a sigh as I did so.

Just before I could close my eyes again I was interrupted by a cry.

My eyes snapped open and I rolled them right away.

"I swear to god,if Ji is terrorising human girls in MY territory again I will break his neck." I said to myself as my eyebrows narrowed.

Another desperate cry.

After sighing I grabbed my (f/c) fan with (a/c) detailing from my sleeve and stood up,with a rapid move I jumped on another tree,then another,until I reached the bloody yokai.

Without any sound at all,I jumped on the tree which was near him,I squatted and covered half of my face with the fan.

"Ji " I called out with a sarcastic tone while smirking.

I saw him stiffen,then he stepped away from the girl and turned around slowly,you could tell from a mile off that he was sweatting like crazy.

Many were scared of me.

"I thought we made a deal,have you forgotten already?" I raised my eyebrows in fake surprise and my voice turned questioning.

"U-u-u-uhm!" he stuttered and was gone in a flash,scared to death.

I chuckled bitterly before resting my back against the tree strain."I should've killed that filthy creature the last time." I muttered to myself while grinning and fanning myself since it was hot.

"E-excuse me!" I suddenly heard a girl's voice from the ground.

I turned myself,now resting on my elbow."Huh,you're still here?" I more said than asked.

"I-I was wondering if you knew where Tomoe was." I saw confidence gleaming in her eyes.


With a swift move I jumped in front of her,she winced slightly but didn't move.

"A human god,interesting." I again said to myself while making circles aroud that brown-haired girl,she looked about 17,I'm 17 too,in human years that is,500 in yokai years.

I was about 11 when I met Akira,wasn't I?

"And for that kitsune,knowing him,problably in the Red Light District,why?" I raised my eyebrow as I stopped examining her.

"I want him to become my familiar." she said innocently.

I couldn't help but let out a snort of laughter."Good luck to you then!" I tried to be convincing enough.

"But what about you?" she asked,even a note of worry in her voice "Are you someone's familiar?" her voice grew curious.

"Noup!" I yelled while grinning and jumped into the trees again,leaving her on the ground.

-A few days later-

I stared at the sake in my cup with a satisfied expression.That's how I usually spent my days.Doing nothing.

I brought the cup near my mouth and-


I winced,almost spilling my precious drink.It was that human girl.I frowned,I didn't like when someone disuturbed me.

"She'll problably go if I pretend that I'm not here." I muttered quietly as I brought the cup to my mouth again,this time taking a sip.

"I know that you're there!?!?"

This time I spilled the drink,all over my favourite kimono.

"Fucking Brat!" I sweared out loud and jumped on the ground,grabbing her by her shirt's collar.

"What do you want?!" I yelled impatiently.

She didn't seem to be scared at all,instead she smiled.

"Since you don't have a place to go,I wondered if you want to become my familiar." she cheered happily.

I almost vomitted.

"No thank you." I answered bitterly "If that was the reason you disturbed me,you have my answer,goodbye!" I added as I narrowed my eyebrows,turning on my heels.

"Wait!" she yelled.

"Ughhh..." I turned myself annoyedly.Damn human,no one has bothered me until now."You already have that kitsune as your familiar,why do you need me?" I raised my eyebrows,my tone still irritated.

"H-how do you know that?" she seemed to be confused.

I rolled my eyes."You hear quit alot in world over yonder." I explained.

She still didn't seem to give up,I walked over to her.

"Look,human.I will not become anyone's familiar-"

My attention wasn't on her,she used the chance and pecked me quiqkly on the lips.

My eyes widened and golden rings appeared around my wrists.

She looked at me while smiling."You're my famliar now." she said sweetly.

"My reputation.My reputation!" I yelled dramatically as I slammed my head against the tree.

"Oh,there it goes." I muttererd vacantly while staring into the sky.

"Come,let's go home."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


P.S,Nanami and Tomoe don't have feelings for eachother in this story.

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter!

Love you,

-Beth xx

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