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Summary: You and Matt go out for a nice Sunday afternoon

What to know:
H/C- Hair color
Y/N- Your name

Your POV
Getting into the car, you immediately click on the radio, and flip through the channels.
"No seatbelt?" Matt teases. You roll your eyes, but proceed to buckle yourself up.
"Where exactly are we going?" You ask curiously.
"Wherever the road takes us." Matt says calmly. You smile at how relaxed he was, instead of overwhelmed and rushed from his growing channel.
"Alright," you agreed. "Well then let's go!" You bounce in your seat excitedly, and Matt reaches over to grab your hand.
• • •
"Ooo!" Matt looked out the window like a child. "This is nice! Let's stop here!" You had dozed off from the medium ranged car ride, so you were now pressing up against the cool window.
"It is really nice," You quietly agreed, looking at the light green hill before you. "We should've packed a lunch or something." You sigh. Looking over, you see Matt slowly form a smile, and pull out a blanket covered basket from the back seat.
"Always prepared aren't I?" Matt steps out of the car, and starts towards the hill. Soon, you follow, and you get to about the middle. It wasn't that it was a huge hill, you two just wanted to sit and relax.
Matt set up the lunches, and when he finished, you two chatted and laughed the whole time.
"It really is beautiful." You say more to yourself than Matt. You laid back on your elbows, letting the light breeze flow through your h/c hair.
You didn't realize it at first, but Matt said to you, "I know. Just like you Y/N." You blush a light pink, and look over to Matt, seeing him smile. You shoved him playfully, and took another bite of your second sandwich (that you had swore you were finished with).
• • •
     Heading back home, you take a sip from your water bottle. "This was fun." You casually tell Matt. He nods, keeping his eyes on the road.
     "Next Sunday?" He asks you. You nod.
     "If you'll make the food."

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